Circle F Dude Ranch Camp was excited to announce the addition of the new Odyssey high ropes course to our program at the beginning of this year. As we approach summer, we can’t wait for our campers to get a chance to interact with this magnificent structure for the first time. Many private groups and school groups have already had an opportunity to utilize the Odyssey course, but not in the way that our summer camp community will have the chance. With a full session, our camp community will have the chance to explore the Odyssey course and its many obstacles fully. They will also have the ability to learn more about facilitating and working on the course. Skill classes will be focused on more intense ground school training, expanding participants understanding of the course and its many safety features. The ground school will, in turn, allow older participants more freedom to explore the Odyssey course on their own under the supervision of staff. Like all of our challenge course programming, the Odyssey course helps participant push boundaries and become a more confident individual. Camper’s that have little or no fear of heights then find new challenges in assisting other campers through the course. No matter how the course is used it promises to be an exciting new addition. Check out one of our earlier articles on all of the upgrades to our teambuilding program here.

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