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Summer Camp Internships Prepare College Students for Future Careers

Summer Internship Program

Circle F Dude Ranch Camp developed its Summer Internship Program to help college students studying education, recreation, and youth development, gain invaluable experience in their field of study.

Learning Objectives

Through the course of our Summer Internship Program, we hope that our interns will gain both theory and practical experience in the following areas:

  • Understanding of youth behavioral management cycle
  • Understanding the importance of teaching independence and responsibility to young people
  • Understanding conflict management and how to resolve conflicts between young people
  • Child hygiene and its importance
  • Understanding the importance of keeping camper and working areas clean
  • How to address bullying in youth development setting
  • How to handle homesickness in an overnight program
  • Ages and stages of youth development
  • Develop leadership skills through aged appropriate games and programs
  • Further develop communication skills (verbal/non verbal with both adults and youth)
  • Understanding the responsibility of reporting concerns of harassment and abuse


Interns will receive feedback on an ongoing basis. They will receive detailed evaluations along with areas to improve upon at the end of each camper session.

Application Process

Circle F Dude Ranch Camp strives to find interns with a passion for youth development, recreation, or education. Our application process is similar to our staff application process as we want our interns to gain real life experience in the employment industry. We only offer 6 internship placements throughout our summer, making them highly sought-after positions to acquire. Interns generally apply by submitting their resumes through Handshake, after which our Assistant Director of Camp Operations & Staffing will be in contact to schedule an in-person or video conference interview.

Interns will work directly with their school to ensure our program coincides with the criteria set out by their head of school. Similarly if interns wish to secure class credit, it will be their responsibility to coordinate this with their school. Circle F leadership team will support and provide guidance through every step of the way to help make this a smooth learning experience for all.

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