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How to Stay In Touch While Your Boy or Girl Is Away at Summer Camp

Mail, Packages, & Staying in Touch

USPS/UPS/FedEx Shipping Address

Camper Name
Camper Bunk (if you know)
5301 Dude Ranch Road
Lake Wales, FL 33898

Package Policy

Camp Families may send packages to their campers during their sessions. Please keep these important guidelines in mind when sending a package.

  1. No food or drinks in packages. Campers are not allowed to receive any food or drink items such as candy or soda. Any such items will be collected and disposed of at the camp. Please keep in mind your camper’s bunkmates may have food allergies and food can attract unwanted wildlife.
  2. Ship in time. Remember to give enough time for your package to arrive at camp before the session ends.
  3. Do not send fireworks, knifes, or lighters/matches to camp as these can be dangerous to the well-being of our campers.
  4. Packages will be opened, inspected, and sanitized before being passed out to campers.