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Circle F Dude Ranch Camp offers an exciting Private Group and Outdoor Education Season that runs from mid-August to late May. We have a range of employment opportunities available, including seasonal and full-time positions. We are currently seeking outdoor educators, barn wranglers, housekeeping and kitchen support staff, as well as facility maintenance staff for the upcoming 2023-2024 season starting on August 14, 2023.

Outdoor Educator

Now Hiring Fall 2023 (August to December) & Full Season 2023 - 2024 (August to May)

Circle F Dude Ranch Outdoor Educators are dedicated front-line staff who play a vital role in operating the outdoor education center programs. Their responsibilities encompass a diverse range of tasks that ensure an enriching experience for participants. From overseeing climbing structures to conducting engaging ecology courses, leading hikes, and even providing lifeguard services, these educators bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the program’s focus areas.

Moreover, Outdoor Educators extend their support beyond program delivery by occasionally assisting with crucial behind-the-scenes tasks. They willingly contribute to essential activities such as facility maintenance, preparing meals, ensuring cleanliness through housekeeping, and participating in various work projects. These additional responsibilities underscore their commitment to creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants at Circle F Dude Ranch.

By continually demonstrating their dedication, expertise, and versatility, the Outdoor Educators at Circle F Dude Ranch exemplify a well-rounded team that consistently goes above and beyond to provide exceptional outdoor education programs.

Housekeeping & Kitchen Support Staff

Currently Accepting Application for Spring 2024 (January to May)

The dedicated Circle F Housekeeping and Kitchen Support staff play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of the outdoor education center on a daily basis. These essential team members are responsible for diligently managing behind-the-scenes tasks that are instrumental in maintaining the center’s smooth functioning.

Their responsibilities encompass a wide range of duties, including maintaining cleanliness throughout the buildings and bathrooms. This involves meticulous cleaning, ensuring the tidiness of common areas, and consistently upholding high standards of hygiene. Additionally, they actively contribute to maintaining the center’s aesthetic appeal by promptly addressing trash clean-up needs and ensuring a clean and inviting environment for all.

Furthermore, the Housekeeping and Kitchen Support staff demonstrate their culinary skills by preparing and serving delicious meals to participants and staff. Their expertise in cooking helps create a pleasant dining experience, providing nutritious and appetizing meals that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of those they serve.

In addition to their primary responsibilities, the staff members are always ready to assist with any other tasks that may arise. Whether it’s helping with organizing supplies, managing inventory, or providing support during special events, they display a flexible and proactive approach to ensure the overall success of the outdoor education center.

Through their unwavering commitment and attention to detail, the Circle F Housekeeping and Kitchen Support staff play a vital role in maintaining a clean, well-organized, and efficient environment within the outdoor education center, thereby contributing to the overall success and satisfaction of all who visit and work at the facility.

Barn Wrangler

Now Accepting Applications For 2023 Season

The Circle F Dude Ranch Barn boasts an impressive herd of 45 horses, facilitating over 200 trail rides annually. In this dynamic environment, the dedicated barn wranglers play a vital role in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of both participants and horses. They bring a wealth of expertise and a passion for delivering positive and exciting riding experiences.

While not full-time positions, the barn wranglers are invaluable as call-in support, readily available to lead horseback rides when needed. Their availability and flexibility allow for a seamless operation, ensuring that participants can embark on memorable trail rides throughout the year.

The primary focus of the barn wranglers is to prioritize safety. They diligently monitor and assess the well-being of both riders and horses, implementing appropriate safety protocols to guarantee a secure riding experience for all. With their extensive knowledge of horse behavior, equipment, and trail conditions, the wranglers are adept at mitigating risks and promptly addressing any concerns that may arise.

In addition to their safety responsibilities, the barn wranglers play a pivotal role in creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere during the rides. They exhibit exceptional interpersonal skills, fostering a welcoming and engaging environment for participants. With their friendly demeanor, they ensure that riders feel comfortable and have a memorable time exploring the trails on horseback.

The barn wranglers’ dedication to providing exceptional experiences aligns with Circle F Dude Ranch’s commitment to customer satisfaction. By combining their expertise, passion for horses, and a focus on safety, they contribute to the overall success of the trail riding program, leaving participants with lasting memories of their time at the ranch.

Through their integral role in the Circle F Dude Ranch Barn, the dedicated barn wranglers exemplify the values of safety, enjoyment, and exceptional customer service, making them an invaluable asset to the organization.

Facility Maintenance

Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2023 Season

The Circle F Dude Ranch maintenance team operates within a vast expanse of land, encompassing over 500 acres and more than 40 different buildings. Their responsibilities are diverse and demanding, as they work tirelessly to ensure the smooth operation and upkeep of the ranch.

Routine maintenance tasks form a significant part of their work. They diligently perform inspections, repairs, and preventive maintenance on buildings and facilities, ensuring that everything remains in optimal condition. From fixing plumbing and electrical systems to addressing structural issues, the maintenance team’s expertise ensures that the ranch functions seamlessly.

In addition to routine maintenance, the team is responsible for efficient trash removal, meticulously managing waste disposal throughout the property. They ensure that trash receptacles are regularly emptied and that the ranch maintains a clean and tidy appearance at all times.

Moreover, the maintenance team excels in handling emergency maintenance needs. They are quick to respond to any unforeseen issues that may arise, such as leaks, power outages, or other emergencies. Their prompt and efficient resolution of such situations minimizes disruptions and ensures the safety and comfort of staff and guests.

Groundskeeping is another important aspect of the maintenance team’s responsibilities. They maintain the pristine appearance of the ranch by mowing lawns, trimming hedges, and tending to landscaping. Through their efforts, they create an inviting and picturesque environment that enhances the overall experience of visitors.

The dedication and hard work of the Circle F Dude Ranch maintenance team are instrumental in maintaining the ranch’s functionality, aesthetics, and safety standards. By proactively addressing routine maintenance, promptly responding to emergencies, managing groundskeeping, and ensuring efficient trash removal, they contribute to the overall success of the ranch and provide a pleasant experience for all who visit.