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Florida’s Most Exciting Sports Camp Near You: Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, & More

Individual & Team Sports

Sports Sleepaway Camp

Camp Sports

As a traditional American boys and girls sleepaway camp, Circle F Dude Ranch incorporates all the classic sports — archery, basketball, dodgeball, kickball, soccer, tennis, tumbling/cheer, volleyball, and many others.

Overnight Sports Camp

Kids Sports Program

Circle F sports programs emphasize participation, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Games and exercises are led by our experienced coaches who teach skills in unique ways to keep learning fun, while improving campers’ abilities. Kids can come together to create teams and compete against each other or simply enjoy the sports for the fun of it.

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Fun Florida Basketball Camp


We have 2 full outdoor basketball courts here at the Ranch. Boys and girls work on different types of drills, then work in teams to further develop those skills with the end goal of competing against each other in games. Kids also work on conditioning with the help of our talented sports counselors.

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Traditional Camp Activity


Our archery range includes 6 individual shooting targets. Kids learn the fundamentals of how to correctly load, hold, and use a bow, along with receiving continuous feedback on how to improve their stance and aim. Boys and girls work towards becoming a member of our Banana Squad. Any camper that hits 3 bullseyes becomes a member and receives a yellow Banana Squad bead to place on their lanyard.

All of our archery instructors are USA Archery Certified Instructors; they have the skills to teach archery to our campers in a safe and professional manner.

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Fun for Kids of All Ages


You can feel the energy level soar as you walk past our kickball field. Kids of all ages enjoy this highly competitive sport. This popular activity provides a great opportunity for our sports counselors to teach fair play and good sportsmanship.

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Soccer Summer Camp in Florida


Our Circle F soccer team is coached by enthusiastic college players who love the sport and enjoy teaching kids. Boys and girls work on drills to improve skills with the end goal of competing against other small soccer teams in the area near camp.

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Best Tennis Summer Camp in Florida


Every summer we have a mix of new tennis players joined by a number of more experienced players. Boys and girls work on their skills to progress in the sport under the guidance of their instructors. Campers have the opportunity to challenge each other to a game, or play a match with our tennis counselors.

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Good Fun for Kids


Kids learn the basics of gymnastics and cheerleading in this popular activity. Roll, jump, and flip across the mats with your friends!

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Florida Summer Volleyball Camp


Our volleyball court sits just off the main beach area in the sand. Kids love to have volleyball tournaments throughout their session and our counselors will go above and beyond to accommodate this for them. Campers even push to skip siesta if the tournament is heating up.

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Competition at Camp


Dodgeball is a competitive sport both our campers and our counselors love to engage in. Boys and girls play in our enclosed tennis court area. Games can last anywhere from 5 minutes to a full 1 hour period.

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