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Art Camp, Theater Camp, Summer Dance Camp, & More

The Arts

We encourage boys and girls to explore their creative side through the arts.

Kids enjoy creative expression. Our Arts program comprises of a multitude of individual art forms which include theater, dance, movie production, photography, arts and crafts, and guitar. We encourage our campers to explore their creative side and support them as they develop their skills.

Arts & Crafts at Camp

Let Your Creative Side Shine at Camp

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Kids Summer Theater Camp Program

Circle F Theater

Whether your child is a natural in the spotlight or someone who wants to improve their self confidence, our theatre camp program offers opportunities for all abilities. The Circle F theater program embodies two of our key values — play and inspire. Our campers are coached to play with a purpose - to let go of the outside world and fully immerse themselves in our skit and improv games.

Through our program boys and girls learn the basics of improv, how to read and write a script, the ins and outs of what goes on behind the scenes, and what it takes to make a live performance happen. The end goal is creating their very own scripted play and performing in front of our entire camp on our Night of the Arts.

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Central Florida’s Dance Camp


Dance is one of the most mesmerizing and captivating art forms. When watching a dancer effortlessly transition from one movement to another, the first thoughts that come to mind are “How do they do that?” and “I wonder if I could do that?!?” Here at Circle F our goal is to answer both of those questions.

Our dance camp instructors teach a variety of dance genres — Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, and Irish dance. Whether a child has been dancing since they could walk, or are completely new to dance, our instructors tailor their instruction to the dancer’s skill level, working with them to develop their form through the course of the session. Our boys and girls work together alongside our instructor to choreograph a dance routine that will then be performed at our Night of the Arts, and sometimes even at our Rodeo event.

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Film Camp for Kids

Movie Production

Campers get to experience what it is like to work with real movie production equipment. They not only look at the technical side of film production, but also work alongside our theatre department to film and edit short movies and skits. Our movie program teaches kids the different production steps, from how to use a video camera, how to upload footage in the correct format, how to edit clips, how to overlay music, how to incorporate voice-overs, along with the final editing required to put their film together. Like our other art programs, boys and girls have the opportunity to broadcast their final product to the entire camp during our Night of the Arts.

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Kids Arts Camp

Arts and Crafts

Our Arts and Crafts building is a wonderful, bright, and fun space! Kids get to try their hand with different mediums — watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting, sculpture, plus bead making, and friendship bracelets. Kids can also study well-known artists and their techniques to learn from the masters.

Some girls and boys choose art as a daily activity while others just drop in for a while with their cabin.

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Florida Photography Camp


See camp from another viewpoint — through a camera lens! Budding photographers have 500 acres of live oak trees, horses, and Sunset Lake, at the tips of their fingers.

Campers are taught the basic functions of point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras as they explore the fundamentals of photography. We teach the rule of thirds, when to use different camera modes, how to zoom while keeping your picture in focus, and more. Kids have the opportunity to join our Media Specialist as he photographs camp for our camp families. Campers are not required to bring their own camera as we have equipment for campers at the Ranch.

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Summer Music Lessons


Our guitar program is the perfect stepping-stone for those campers interested in entering the music world. We provide beginner and intermediate guitar lessons in a small group setting where we limit the class to 5 campers per activity period. Campers with a more advanced skill set are encouraged to join guitar to practice and help less experienced campers develop their new skill, creating a big brother/big sister feeling. Campers love to help each other learn and grow.