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Circle F Dude Ranch Camp Camp Reviews

What Our Families Say

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Sending our daughter to Circle F for the last 5 years has been a life changing experience. Every time a session is over, she is asking if we signed her up for the next one. Circle F is the perfect environment to gain a wide diverse of friendships and unforgettable memories. The staff is also amazing as they each have a special bond with the campers. Circle F will always have a specific place in our hearts as it always fills our daughter’s experiences with joy and unforgettable memories.

Tiffany, Camp Parent
Wesley Chapel, FL

My Husband, Brad, went to Circle F in the 90’s and had an awesome time. He told our boys all about it and they wanted to try it out. Their first summer at Circle F was June 2021. Alex (9) and Max (7) had a fantastic time. The Counselors were wonderful at fielding my questions and keeping us informed. I really loved the app that notified me when new pictures of the boys were uploaded. We enjoyed our weekly call with the boys and they enjoyed their freedom. The camp really balances being responsible and making good choices while having a great time. The boys had a lot of fun from horseback riding to alpine tower to swimming in the lake…too many fun times to mention them all. They will be returning summer of 2022.”

Lauren, Camp Parent
Altamonte Springs, FL

Our son Bo will be coming to Circle F for his 10th year this summer. His experience has been valuable to him and he looks forward to it every summer. He has matured and benefited from the interactions and responsibilities that he has learned each summer. He looks forward to seeing his camp friends every year. We thank you and all the staff at Circle F for your ongoing excellence and for providing the best summer camp experience that we can imagine for Bo. It will provide him with a lifetime of memories.

Tim, Camp Parent
Fort Meyers, FL

We are so thrilled to have discovered Circle F. Our son Genesis has been attending camp for several years now and it has had such a positive impact. After even his first session we noticed that he seemed more confident, independent, polite, and more mature. He looks forward to his time at Circle F all year and we use camp as a motivator and reward for his effort in school. Each time that he attends, he learns new skills, makes amazing memories, and meets new friends.

Kristin, Camp Parent
Orlando, FL

I can’t speak highly enough about Circle F this was the first camp ever that both my children attended and all I can say is wow! The first thing both our campers said when we picked them up was, can we go back again next year! We’ve been sending our children there for 6 years and we are planning on doing so again next year it’s a fantastic camp, with great staff, amenities and activities, especially riding the horses. Circle F provides an atmosphere that allows for kids to feel safe, to challenge themselves- even in ways they would have never imagined they should or could be challenged- to grow more independent yet also interdependent as members of groups. Every summer our kids have grown by leaps and bounds, great memories!

Pinky, Camp Parent
Key West, FL

Our daughters started going to Circle F Dude Ranch beginning in the summer of 2010 and attended for nine consecutive years. They loved it so much that many times they begged to attend another session that same summer and our youngest daughter would literally count down the days until the next summer the minute we picked her up from camp. They made lifelong friendships with both campers and counselors alike. They gained independence, leadership skills, and memories to last a lifetime. We highly recommend Circle F and are grateful for the experiences and caring environment that our children had the opportunity to be a part of during their childhood!

Penny, Camp Parent
Key West, FL

I can’t say enough about Circle F! For starters, this will be my sons’ 7th year and it has truly shaped who he is today..a confident, kind, fearless teen. It’s one thing for a 7-year-old to want to go to camp, but to still want to go at 15 speaks volumes. It is truly his happy place where he disconnects from electronics and the world (the best part in my opinion) and is able to connect with his peers, staff and do all of the activities he loves because it is geared towards his interests! Some of his favorites are the skate park, alpine tower, blob, wilderness cooking, waterfront, and ropes course. I have stayed at this camp with the Girl Scouts with my daughter and experienced firsthand being a camper and it was an amazing experience. The staff is incredible, the food was delicious and the activities are top-notch. Even with Covid the camp adapted and provided a safe, fun experience through a very difficult time. My son missed 8th-grade graduation and all the activities but he still had the camp to look forward to and it made it all ok. I am so sad this is his last year but he will continue his journey as a counselor, I’m sure. Thank you circle F!

Meredith, Camp Parent
Miami, FL

My eldest son attended Circle F for the first time last year in what was probably the scariest time to send your kid away. The camp could not come at a better time for us as our son really needed a break from electronics which he used for virtual school and entertainment. We felt comfortable with the several Covid protocols Circle F put into place to keep the kids and staff safe . Our son returned with so many happy memories. He was kinder, a little more mature, it’s hard to describe. The experience was so positive that he convinced his younger brother and 3 more friends to join him this year. The kids all had just as great a time this year that at this point I feel like we have convinced enough families to fill a whole bunk for next year. Our kids are counting the days for their stay next year and know these memories will stay with them forever.

Lucy, Camp Parent
Palmetto Bay, FL

When asked to review my 13-year-old son’s summer camp experience at Circle F, I accepted with pleasure. This past summer was Rashad’s 3rd summer at Circle F and definitely his best, though he has loved each summer’s experience. Rashad loves every activity at camp, especially survival skills, survival cooking, and horseback riding. He always makes good friends and loves his counselors. He learns to be independent but always has the support of the staff. His phone calls home are always full of stories and he is always happy. I love many things about the camp as well. I love that he is busy with activities during the day and so many other afternoon and evening activities. I appreciate the values the camp places on respect and inclusion and how they recognize campers for the kindness they exhibit. I love how my son grows emotionally and socially as well intellectually at the camp. And I especially love how happy and safe he is while there. The staff is amazing – so supportive and understanding of my son’s needs and they know him well. It is one big family. Lastly, I was beyond impressed with how the camp handled Covid – I knew my child was in good hands. Rashad is already excited to return next year! Thank you to everyone at Circle F for all they do to provide my son with so many special memories!

Robyn, Camp Parent
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Circle F Dude Ranch will always have a place in our family’s heart for all the wonderful summers and memorable experiences it has given our son, with amazing activities and social skills, with such warm and friendly staff, that makes sleep-away camp something I recommend for all kids of all ages to build lifelong friendships and grow into young responsible adults.

Ellen, Camp Parent
Coconut Creek, FL

My 3 boys (now young men), have had lifetime memories to keep from Circle F. I know it has enriched them emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to attend Circle F for so many years. I am very grateful to have been able to send my kids there.

Veronica, Camp Parent
Hollywood, FL

My children began attending Circle F at age 9 and 12, following in their dad’s footsteps as a young Circle F camper himself. After seven summers and a million wonderful memories, their time here has fundamentally shaped who they are, in all the best possible ways. My daughter even returned as a counselor to continue her Circle F experience. The camp is run so well that the parents can feel nothing but complete reassurance that their kids are in trusted hands. Each summer, they have the adventure of a lifetime, every single time. The camp is one of the most special parts of my family’s story, and I know my children will cherish their time at Circle F as one of their favorite childhood memories.

Dawn, Camp Parent
Weston, FL

My son always has a wonderful time at Circle F. Since the first time he went 7 years ago until this past summer when he attended as a counselor in Training, his time in Circle F has been one of the highlights of the summer.The blend of activities, social time, camp values, and the amazing staff makes Circle F a truly special experience. Kids look forward to it and to reconnecting with their camp friends every year! Circle F is their happy place !!!

Diana, Camp Parent
Weston, FL

I can’t wait to go back to Circle F next summer. We want to stay all summer. Circle F has all types of fun activities that I never did before like paintball, climbing the Odyssey Course, banana boat rides, archery tag, and late-night games. If you like horses, they have a ton of horses and horseback riding.

Nick 11 Y/O Camper
North Palm Beach, FL

The counselors were really nice to us. They had really good food especially breakfast. They had pancakes, waffles, cereal, eggs, sausages, grits, and other stuff to eat. They had cool theme days like the Olympics, and they had a banquet night at the end of every session. I even got an award for Paintball.

Blake 11 Y/O Camper
North Palm Beach, FL

Based on conversations with my son Circle F was his favorite childhood camp ever! He made long-lasting friendships and after reaching the maximum age of attendance, wanted to be a CIT and counselor.

Michelle, Camp Parent
North Palm Beach, FL

My son has gained more than just friends at Circle F, but new experiences he wouldn’t otherwise get to try at home. He loves trying new activities, as well as putting to use skills he learned in previous summers. He looks forward to disconnecting from his electronics so he can get the most out of his time at camp. He can’t wait to go back!

Liora, Camp Parent
Lake Worth, FL

My twin daughters are 12 years old and they totally love going to Circle F Dude Ranch. The staff is wonderful, they have made some great friendships there and enjoy all of the fun activities that the camp offers. Especially the horseback!

Kaitlyn, Camp Parent
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

My 15-year old daughter loved attending camp at Circle F this past year for the first time. She flew in nonstop from DIA, the camp provided transportation to and from the airport, and it was all very easy. The counselors, accommodations, and activities were all top-notch. Management of this camp is very strong there’s a reason they’ve been safely operating for nearly 70 years (yes, even in 2020 when everyone else was shutting down they have it figured out). Can’t say enough good things.

Linda, Camp Parent
Boulder, CO