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Summer Jobs for College Students & Full Time Jobs for Outdoor Profesionals

Lead, Engage, Inspire

Become part of a unique team of passionate individuals from all over the world that create and lead authentic experiences for young people helping them discover and develop a more genuine self. Their positive change starts with just a spark of inspiration from you. Working at camp is the best summer job for college students, or for that matter, best year-round outdoor Job for anyone with a passion for adventure and outdoor education with a focus in youth development.

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Summer Counselor


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The summer camp counselor job you won’t forget!

Being part of our team is life-changing not only for the campers but also for you. However, it’s not easy, and it takes dedicated, loving, and hard-working individuals to bring our mission alive. Not everyone is right for this challenge, but if you think you have the strength to change lives, read on to discover why we think this is the best summer job for college students.

Circle F Dude Ranch is the summer camp hiring near you! Every summer Circle F Dude Ranch is looking to fill summer camp counselor jobs, summer camp nurse jobs, outdoor activity instructor jobs, and more. We’re located in Lake Wales, Florida, about an hour south of Orlando. If you’re interested in learning more please reach out to us at 863-676-4113 via text or phone!

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Adventure Knows No Boundaries

Is this the summer camp job near you? Circle F Dude Ranch is located in Lake Wales, Florida — an hour south of Orlando, and we hire adventurers from all over the United States and around the world. Whether it’s a one-hour car drive, ten-hour flight, or an overnight journey — regardless of the physical distance, you may discover the adventures at Circle F Dude Ranch are near your heart!

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Working as a camp counselor has taught me many life skills but one of my favorites is the ability to have a better outlook and to recognize the strength of positive thinking. Having so many staff members from around the world helped to develop my communication skills, team-building skills and always made me feel supported. My words of encouragement to a new staff member would be to embrace the challenges ahead of you this summer, step outside your comfort zone, and most importantly connect with your campers. It’s life-changing if you allow it.

Brian V.
Counselor 2019 & 2021

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Your Camp, Your Home, Your Turn

Are you a former camper? Now is the time to make a difference at camp. Become one of the essential parts of the camp, our summer camp counselors. The Circle F Staff was the energy that made each of your summers special. Now it’s your turn, at your camp, to come home and create that same magic for the next generation.