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The Best Outdoor Job for Youth Development Professionals Is Working As An Outdoor Educator

Why Work At Circle F Dude Ranch?

Working at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp’s Outdoor Education Center is a unique opportunity to share your talents and passions with young people while working with likeminded individuals from around world.

Get outdoors & have an adventure!

You could spend your year inside a windowless downtown office, campus job, or waiting tables… but an outdoor education job at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp is an outdoor adventure in beautiful central Florida!

Come to Florida and Build Your Skills

You’ll spend time with professionals in the fields of child development, group dynamics, and wilderness medicine. You’ll learn about leadership and team building, and how to positively impact the lives of others — great skills in any work situation.

Just Out of School? Circle F Is Ready for You.

The training you will receive is applicable to most any career you choose to pursue especially in outdoor adventure education. A successful camp experience helps you develop flexibility, integrity, confidence and leadership skills. You’ll gain experience in exercising judgment in many different situations, taking initiative, communicating effectively and maintaining a high level of energy.

You can even earn college credit for an internship!


Different roles at camp require certifications. If we need you to have a particular course, we’ll coordinate with you to get it or provide that training free of charge on site. These certifications may include CPR, lifeguarding, belay certification, Certified Horsemanship TrailGuide, USA Archery instructor, and other key certificates.

Affordable Onsite Housing

Circle F recognizes the significance of flexibility in the living arrangements for outdoor professionals. To cater to the needs of its full-time staff, The Ranch allows two convenient options: offsite living or affordable onsite housing. The onsite housing offers private bedrooms with attached bathrooms, available within a shared house that features a full kitchen, a comfortable living room complete with a 65-inch TV, and an office space. Additionally, there are alternative choices such as onsite studio apartments to suit individual preferences. Offsite housing is the responsiblity of the staff person to arrange.

Time Off & Flexible Work Schedule

Full-time staff at Circle F enjoy a generous time-off policy, receiving 8 scheduled days off each month, which are determined based on the group and school rental calendar. While staff are obligated to work on group or school days, they benefit from a flexible work schedule during periods when no groups are present. This flexibility allows staff members to choose between working on specific project days for additional compensation or taking extended downtime for rest and rejuvenation. This approach empowers staff to balance their workload and personal time effectively, enhancing their overall well-being and job satisfaction.

Staff Health and Moral

At Circle F, we prioritize the health and well-being of our team members. To ensure comprehensive healthcare coverage, we offer a flexible health reimbursement program, enabling staff to obtain health insurance that suits their individual needs and covers medical expenses effectively. Moreover, we provide all staff members with complimentary access to telehealth benefits, which include primary care doctors as well as mental health therapists and psychiatrists, ensuring convenient and accessible healthcare services.

Recognizing the importance of fostering team morale, The Ranch goes beyond healthcare provisions. We organize seasonal trips to local amusement parks and other exciting staff adventures, creating opportunities for our team members to bond, unwind, and enjoy memorable experiences together. By nurturing a positive and engaging work environment, we strive to enhance the overall well-being and satisfaction of our valued staff.

Professional Development

At Circle F Dude Ranch, we are committed to attracting and retaining the best team members, and we highly value their continued growth and development. As part of our investment in our staff, we actively seek out training opportunities, conferences, and inservice workshops that are relevant to their respective work areas. We understand the importance of staying updated and informed in a rapidly evolving industry, and thus, we make it a priority to provide our staff with avenues to enhance their knowledge and skills. By actively seeking out training programs and conferences, we ensure that our team members have access to the latest industry practices, trends, and techniques. Additionally, we organize inservice workshops that are specifically tailored to address the needs and challenges faced by our staff in their daily work. These workshops provide a platform for professional development, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement. By investing in our team members’ growth and providing them with opportunities to expand their knowledge and expertise, we strive to maintain a skilled and motivated workforce at Circle F Dude Ranch.

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Competitive and Progressive Pay

We take pride in providing a comprehensive and forward-thinking compensation package that is designed to reward your experience, education, certifications, and various other factors. Our pay schedule is not only competitive but also reflective of your valuable contributions to our organization. We understand the importance of recognizing your expertise and accomplishments, and we are committed to fostering a compensation structure that acknowledges and appreciates your professional growth and achievements.

Lifelong Friendships

The biggest and best benefit of working at Circle F Dude Ranch are the friends and connections you make while you’re here. You will meet young professionals from the U.S. and world. Expand your professional network in the outdoor education and camp industry.

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