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High Adventure Ranch Extreme Sports: Paintball, Skateboarding, Archery Tag, Wilderness Survival, & More

Paintball & Extreme Adventures

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The Best Paintball Summer Camp in Florida


Paintball is a fun, fast-paced activity offered to boys and girls above the age of 10. Kids participate in team-based games such as capture the flag, V.I.P, and team vs. team games. Campers have the opportunity to experience 2 very diverse fields, the speed ball course and the woods.

  • The speed ball course is a narrow playing field with minimal barriers that requires fast paced movement.
  • The woods is a more immersive experience for our campers in part of our 500 acre scrub forest which further heightens the experience of play.
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Extreme Sports Summer Camp Activity

Archery Tag

Older Pioneer and Wrangler campers, ages 10 and up, beg for more Archery Tag activity time! This high-energy program entails campers shooting each other with soft foam-tipped arrows.

The field is set with large inflatable barriers; kids work together as a team to strategize the best method to get the opposing team out. Each team member wears a protective head/eye shield, and uses a special bow with adjustable draw strength for extra safety.

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Florida’s Skatebaoard Camp for Kids


Our skatepark, complete with a half pipe, is more than equipped to handle all of our skateboard enthusiasts desires. Kids can learn or perfect a variety of skate tricks such as Ollie, Kickflip, Pop Shuv It, and the 180º Ollie, with the help of our experienced skateboarding staff.

Regardless of ability level, our boys and girls are guaranteed to have fun and improve their skateboarding technique. Skateboards and equipment are provided but we encourage campers to bring their own board if they have it.

Extreme Sports Activities

Challenge Yourself at Camp

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Dude Ranch Adventure

Wilderness Survival

Boys and girls learn the basic skills required to survive in a wilderness setting through our wilderness survival classes.

Kids venture out into our 500 acre scrub forest to our designated survival site and learn the importance of fire, how to build and sustain a fire safely, how to take advantage of the supplies and materials they have access to, how to build a tarp shelter, and many more interesting survival techniques.

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Frontier Wilderness Skills

Wilderness Cooking

Campers get to experience classic campfire cooking with their friends. They work through the complete outdoor cooking experience, gathering fire building supplies from their environment, understanding the fire triangle, and how to sustain a fire for cooking.

Kids learn basic food hygiene and cooking, making tasty and delicious campfire treats such as Baked Apples, Campfire Egg Omelet, Cinnamon Rolls on a Stick, French Bread Pizzas, and many more classic campfire dishes.

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Summer Camp Outdoors Adventure


Throughout the session campers will have the opportunity to sign up for one of our overnight experiences. Campers meet up with our Wilderness Survival counselors to prep and pack all of the equipment required for their overnight. Campers hike into the back property and set up for the night. They learn how to hang hammocks, set the campfire, and prep dinner. Campers also learn about our endangered Florida scrub forest along with a fun astronomy lesson. You should see how many stars we can see!