Teen Overnight Camp Program • Age 17 • 45 Minutes from Orlando, Florida

Pathways Teen Leadership Adventure

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What is Pathways

Join a group of motivated 17-year-old leaders-in-training (L.I.T.) for an immersive two to three-week teen leadership adventure and development program hosted at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp. Our program is dedicated to enhancing participants’ understanding of leadership, communication, youth development, and teamwork through specialized clinics, hands-on training, and experiences that culminate in our focused T.R.A.I.L.S. overnight adventure.

This isn’t your typical Counselor in Training Program (C.I.T.). Our program is uniquely designed to guide participants towards becoming an authentic young adults and resilient leaders on the right path.

Pathways One

Two Week Session
June 9th - June 22nd
Only 6 Participant Spots
Tuition Includes all meals, lodging, and program elements.

Tuition $3500.00


Pathways Two

Three Week Session
June 23rd - July 13th
Only 6 Participant Spots
Tuition Includes all meals, lodging, and program elements.

Tuition $4000.00


Pathways Three

Three Week Session
July 14th - August 3rd
Only 6 Participant Spots
Tuition Includes all meals, lodging, and program elements.

Tuition $4000.00

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Pathways Mission

“Our mission is to empower and inspire young leaders, equipping them with the essential skills to effectively lead others and accomplish their self-established goals.”

Pathways Core Leadership Principles

  • Lead by Example:
    Effective leaders set the standard by demonstrating the behavior, work ethic, and values they expect from their team.

  • Effective Communication:
    Communication is key to leadership. Leaders must listen actively, convey their ideas clearly, and foster open dialogue within the team.

  • Inspire and Motivate:
    Leaders inspire and motivate their team by sharing a compelling vision, setting goals, and recognizing and rewarding achievements.

  • Accountability:
    A good leader takes responsibility for their actions and decisions and holds themselves and their team accountable for their commitments.

  • Adaptability:
    Leaders must be flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances, making necessary adjustments to achieve goals.

  • Empowerment:
    Empowering team members to take ownership of their work and make decisions fosters trust and growth within the team.

  • Problem Solving:
    Effective leaders are skilled problem solvers, approaching challenges with a solution-oriented mindset.

  • Integrity:
    Honesty and ethical behavior are fundamental. Leaders must act with integrity, earning the trust and respect of their team.

  • Delegation:
    Delegating tasks and responsibilities effectively allows leaders to focus on higher-level strategic activities while developing team members’ skills.

  • Emotional Intelligence
    Leaders with high emotional intelligence can understand and manage their emotions and effectively navigate interpersonal relationships.

  • Empathy: Showing empathy and understanding towards team members fosters a positive and supportive work environment.

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Leadership Clinics

Welcome to the Pathway Program, where specialized interactive workshops are at the heart of our approach. Led by the experienced Circle F Dude Ranch Leadership team, our program is dedicated to youth development, effective communication, strategic project planning, and nurturing our core principles. Our carefully crafted clinics are designed to engage participants in impactful learning experiences that empower students with the knowledge and tools they need to become stronger, more effective leaders. Join us on this transformative journey, and unlock your full potential as a leader.

Department Clinics

As Pathway participants, teens have the exciting option to select from our six core departments, each offering their own unique focus. Departments include arts, climbing, horseback riding, waterfront activities, general sports, or extreme sports. Our Department Clinics provide pathway participants with the chance to acquire valuable real-world skills, including lifeguarding, belaying, project management, and field-specific operations. These clinics not only enhance teen’s expertise but also enable them to apply their newfound abilities within our tight-knit camp community, collaborating closely with our dedicated staff.

Leave a Legacy

Join the ‘Leave a Legacy’ initiative within our Pathways Leadership Program, where participants engage in hands-on projects that involve building and enhancing various aspects of our camp. These dynamic projects challenge teens to work together collaboratively, starting from the ground up, to create innovative structures and features that will significantly improve our camp facilities. What makes ‘Leave a Legacy’ truly special is that each Pathway class gets the opportunity to leave their mark by signing their project, ensuring that their hard work and dedication are forever commemorated for future members of our camp community to see and appreciate. Throughout these projects, our professional build teams provide guidance and supervision, ensuring a safe and educational experience for all participants

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Pathways is a crucial part of our leadership development program, providing a space for teens to reflect, journal, and engage in meaningful discussions about goal setting and personal growth. It’s a dedicated period where participants delve into their aspirations and map out the steps to achieve them. But it’s not all about work; we also understand the importance of balance. Pathway Time isn’t limited to just goal-setting; it’s an opportunity for teens to bond and have a blast together. We sprinkle in special Pathway Adventures, which can include exciting social functions, high ropes courses, team-building exercises, and other unique experiences. These adventures not only create lasting memories but also foster teamwork, camaraderie, and personal development in a fun and engaging way.

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After Evening Programs (AEP)

Join us for our special ‘After Evening Program’ (AEP), designed exclusively for Pathway Teen Leadership Participants. AEP is a cherished social time that brings our teens together in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Each week, we host one or two AEP programs to foster camaraderie among our participants and provide them with well-deserved moments of relaxation and fun. Our AEP events include a diverse range of activities such as movie nights under the stars, cozy coffee house gatherings, and other exciting programs that allow our teens to unwind, connect, and create lasting memories. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a break from the day’s activities and simply enjoy the company of fellow Pathway participants


“T.R.A.I.L.S.,” a dynamic two-day overnight adventure within our expansive 500-acre wilderness, specially designed as a culmination of the Pathway Teen Leadership Program. This immersive experience focuses on honing essential leadership qualities through a series of challenges:

  • T - Teamwork
    Participants tackle collaborative tasks that demand effective teamwork, problem-solving, and obstacle navigation.

  • R - Risk Assessment
    Trainees evaluate and manage risks in the outdoor environment, prioritizing safety for their group.

  • A - Adaptability Demonstrating the ability to adapt to changing conditions, including unexpected obstacles or weather fluctuations.

  • I - Independence Showcasing self-reliance through tasks such as map reading, camp setup, and meal preparation.

  • L - Leadership Taking turns leading segments of the adventure to showcase leadership skills, decision-making abilities, and communication.

  • S - Survival Skills Testing skills like shelter-building, fire-making, and first aid to ensure preparedness for wilderness situations.

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Certificates and Additional Training

At the Pathway program, we believe in recognizing and rewarding the achievements of our participants. As part of our commitment to skill development and personal growth, participants can earn one or more certifications tailored to their program’s length, session choice, and trainer availability. These certifications include prestigious qualifications such as Red Cross Lifeguard, USA Archery Instructor, and Belay Certification, which can open doors to exciting career opportunities. Moreover, participants focusing on Riding, Arts, or Sports programs can earn in-house certifications through our rigorous curriculum, enhancing their expertise and credentials in their chosen field. These certifications are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our participants as they embark on their leadership journey with us.”

Program Participant Requirements:
  • Age: To participate in the program, applicants must be 17 years old at the program’s commencement.

  • Grade Point Average (GPA): Pathway program candidates are expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher for program acceptance. Those with a GPA below this threshold will need to complete an academic waiver for consideration.

  • References: Applicants are required to provide three references, which may include teachers, coaches, clergy members, or employers. Please note that references from family members will not be accepted.

  • Entry Essay: As part of the application process, participants must submit a well-crafted essay of at least 250 words detailing why they believe they should be chosen for the program.

Our program requirements are carefully designed to ensure that participants meet the necessary criteria for a rewarding and enriching experience.

Selection Process:
  1. Submit Your Application: Begin by submitting your application, which includes references and an essay.

  2. Acceptance Interview: Once we have received all components of your application, we will arrange an acceptance interview.

  3. Participate in the Interview: Attend the acceptance interview and share your passion and goals with our team.

  4. Decision Notification: Typically, participants will receive a decision by phone call and email within one week of their interview.

  5. Confirm Enrollment: Upon program acceptance, participants are kindly asked to confirm their enrollment and submit their deposit within one week. If this deadline is not met, the next participant on the waitlist will be promptly contacted to fill the available spot.

Joining our program is a step-by-step process designed to ensure a smooth and fair selection experience for all applicants.

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