Circle F Is a Dude Ranch for Kids

Western Fun

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The Most Fun Dude Ranch Near You!

Dude Ranches and ranch camps have a great tradition of teaching their guests about life on the Ranch, and Circle F is no different. Activities like ax throwing, chuck wagon cooking, leather craft, roping, and the slingshot range, make the Circle F experience unique. We give our campers an authentic tasted of dude ranch life so they learn what a fully operational ranch looks like, and the work required to maintain such an endeavor.

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Ax Throwing

Campers master the craft of ax throwing, learning the correct stance, how to hold and throw an ax safely, as they aim at our rustic wooden targets. Campers are broken into small groups and supervised closely by our trained staff members. Campers and Guests must be at least age 10 to participate in Ax throwing, those younger than 10 can enjoy our sling shot range.

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Leather Craft

We teach our campers about the leather working process, from soaking, to cutting and shaping, to its practical uses. Kids learn how to manipulate leather into beautiful yet practical art pieces through embossing, stamping, and dying using natural dyes.

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Sling Shot Range

Our sling shot range is a fun place for campers to focus their energy and attention, knocking over objects from a distance using only a sling shot. With continuous practice campers will see their aim improve until they can hit a half dollar at 10 paces.

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Square Dancing

Traditional square dancing is great exercise and fun! Kids learn to listen to the music and naturally feel out each step to the correct rhythm and tempo.

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Chuck Wagon Cooking

Kids love to learn the traditional methods of chuck wagon cooking, its history, the chuck wagon’s importance to cowboys, and original recipes from the old west.

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Circle F Ranch campers learn the difference between “headers” and “heelers”, how to properly swing loops, and how to rope a “calf” (plastic roping targets). Younger campers learn to rope riding on sawhorses. Advanced riders and ropers may try their skills from horseback, all under the careful supervision of our ranch staff.

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Belt Buckle Challenge

Campers who complete Western Fun activity challenges are eligible to win a Circle F Belt buckle by participating in the Belt Buckle challenge.