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Summer Camp FAQs

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Camper to Staff Ratio

Circle F Dude Ranch has an overall 3 to 1 camper to counselor ratio with a 5 to 1 ratio in the cabin.

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Cabin Assignments

At Circle F Dude Ranch Camp, we have a designated girl’s camp cabin line (South Line) and boy’s camp cabin line (North Line). Within the cabin line, campers are separated into our five divisions.

  • Co-Bucks - Age 6 to 7 years old
  • Buckaroo’s - Age 8 to 10 years old
  • Lower Wranglers - Age 11 to 12 years old
  • Upper Wranglers - Age 13 to 14 years old
  • Pioneers - Age 15-16 years old
Cabin Life

Cabin Requests

Campers progress through the divisions with age. It is recommended to have campers of similar age ranges bunk together. If campers of different ages request to be together, they will be bunked with the younger division.

When kids have siblings attending camp at the same time in the same division, Circle F recommends requesting to be in separate cabins as we believe this provides a more authentic camp experience.

Camper families are welcome to make cabinmate requests through the main office. Parents, please feel free to consult with camp on the best cabin bunk option.

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Bed Assigments

At Circle F Dude Ranch Camp we want everyone to have an equal chance when it comes to picking a top or bottom bunk regardless of arrival time. During summer camp we number our beds prior to children’s arrival. Once campers arrive at their cabin they will draw a number from an envelope; the number they choose will match a bed inside the cabin.

Package Policy

Camp Families may send packages to their campers during their sessions. Please keep these important guidelines in mind when sending a package.

  1. No food or drinks in packages. Campers are not allowed to receive any food or drink items (eg. candy or soda). Any such items will be collected and disposed of at the camp. Please keep in mind your camper’s bunkmates may have food allergies and food can attract unwanted wildlife.
  2. Ship In Time: Remember to give enough time for your package to arrive at camp before the session ends.
  3. Do not send fireworks, knifes, lighters, or matches to camp as these can be dangerous to the well-being of our campers.
  4. Packages will be opened, inspected, and sanitized before being passed out to campers.
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Campers Love Getting Mail!

USPS/UPS/FedEx Shipping Address

5301 Dude Ranch Road
Lake Wales, FL 33898

Make sure to clearly label the package with your camper’s name.

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Visiting Days

Due to the varying length of sessions Circle F Dude Ranch Camp does not have designated visitation days during our summer camp sessions. Camp Families with campers attending more then one session are encouraged to visit their camper on the cross-over day. All families are encouraged to attend the Rodeo hosted on the closing day of first, second, and third session.

Families are welcome to visit their camper during a camp session, however please contact the camp office to make arrangements for your visit. The camp does not encourage visits during the first three days of camp or the last three days of camp due to the possible effects it has on a child’s experience.

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Cantina & Store

Cantina opens in the afternoon for kids to receive a snack and drink like Gatorade, bottled water, chips, crackers, or cookies, before afternoon activities.

The Circle F Store opens in the evening so campers have an opportunity to enjoy a soda, bottled water, candy, chocolate bar, etc. before the nightly program.

The cost of Cantina & Store is included in your camper’s tuition.

Spending Money

There is no need to provide additional money, however some families like to leave spending money in a camper account with the camp office for an occasional pizza party or souvenirs from the optional theme park trip. Any spending money should be left in the camp office to be distributed by the camp per your instructions. In the case of theme park trips, the money is given to the camper the morning of the trip. For the younger campers, you may want their counselor to hold the money for them.

Late Night Pizza

Once in a while older campers like to order pizza for a late night snack. Please discuss this with your camper and their counselor.

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Camp Excursions (Theme Park Trips)

In session one, two, and three we take an optional trip to a local amusement park. The $235.00 cost includes transportation, tickets, and meals at the park. You can pay at any time by calling the camp office or registering through your parent portal. Please know there is a limited number of spots open for these optional trips and they fill up fast.

2024 Season schedule of Trips

  • Session One – Universal Island of Adventure, Universal Studios Orldando Resort
  • Session Two – Busch Gardens
  • Session Three – Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Orlando
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All Camp Trip

In session, one, two,and three the entire camp takes a trip to a local waterpark like Disney’s Typoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, or Seaword’s Aquatica. The trip includes motor coach transport, admission to the waterpark, meals, and counselor supervision. The schedule of parks will be announced later this season.

The cost of the All Camp Trip is included in your camper’s tuition.


Campers store their belongings in their camp trunk or foot locker. Two campers share the space under the lower bunk bed. To make cabin cleaning easier, campers are encouraged to not use a suitcase or duffle bag for longer sessions. Campers may use Rubbermaid style bins or totes, which are easier to sanitize. Foot lockers, small trunks or 122 quart/115 liter Rubbermaid-type containers w/lids work best. The maximum height should be no more than 16 inches to fit under the bunk. Avoid larger steamer trunks. Campers may bring one set of plastic drawers, however space for drawers is very limited.

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Birthdays at Camp

If your child’s birthday falls during their time at camp, rest assured that it will be a very special day!

We will accommodate a birthday phone call home at a time that works best for all. Please send special birthday packages, balloons, etc. but NO FOOD (due to other camper allergies)! Camp will provide birthday cupcakes for your camper and his/her cabinmates and the camp will sing Happy Birthday to the camper at dinner or at an all camp gathering.

Parents can arrange for pizza to be delivered to camp on the evening of their child’s birthday. Please call us ahead of time to make this arrangement.


Circle F Dude Ranch is an independent, privately owned summer camp. Our focus is on our core values of respect, inspiration, positive thinking, play, leadership, and engagement. All religions are welcome at the Ranch. The Ranch does not discuss or practice any particular religion. Please contact the Ranch for further clarification or questions.

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What is the climate like at Camp?

Our climate is ideal for a kids summer camp. Regular summer clothing will work well. Our days are warm, but pleasant, and the nights are mild. Cabins and public buildings are outfitted with air conditioning.

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