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High Adventure Ranch Fun for Kids, Rock Climbing Wall & High Ropes Course

High Ropes & Rock Climbing

Florida may be flat, but that does not mean boys and girls can’t reach new heights on our Rock Climbing Wall, High Ropes Course, Zip Line, and Alpine Tower.

Designed to test both an individual’s mental and physical abilities, our climbing program is a great place to begin the journey of self-discovery and test your boundaries. Our American Association of Challenge Course trained instructors and staff help every child, regardless of their abilities, find a new level of success in our Rock Wall, Odyssey High Ropes, and Alpine Structures.

Discover New Heights At Camp This Summer

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Extreme Sports Camp Fun

Rock Wall Climbing & Ziplining

Campers have the opportunity to explore routes of varying degrees of difficulty on our 35 foot rock wall. Our trained staff guide and encourage them along the way. Campers that reach the top of our rock wall have the added fun of traveling through camp at high speed as they zip down one of our 300 foot zip lines.

Climbing classes teach campers the different knots used in climbing and how to belay. An approved climbing instructor is alway on belay as well.

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High Adventure

Alpine Tower

Our 60 foot Alpine Tower is another of our amazing climbing structures. Kids are presented with varying obstacles, including a corporate ladder, cargo nets, and fire crackers. Our trained climbing counselors alter the level of difficulty by adding challenges such as team building, blindfold climbing, or climbing with an object such as a yoga ball.

As with all our climbing structures, we encourage our campers to push themselves to new heights — quite literally. We encourage them to go just one step more than their comfort zone. Doing so creates moments of accomplishment for both our campers and our staff.

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Extreme Sports Summer Camp

Giant Swing

Alongside our Alpine Tower we have our Giant Swing. This is a unbelievably fun group activity! A boy or girl gets into their safety harness and securely connects to the Giant Swing. Our highly trained climbing staff lead the others campers as they hoist the swing 40 feet into the air. The camper receives a count down before the tow line is released. It’s pure exhilaration! The most rewarding part of this activity is how the campers work together to support each other from start to finish.

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Florida’s Extreme Summer Camp

Odyssey High Ropes Course

The Odyssey High Ropes Course has 2 platforms at different heights and a total of 6 different elements. The first tier is approximately 15 feet tall; the second tier is approximately 35 feet tall. Both tiers give campers the opportunity to conquer all types of fears while building a new level of trust for their fellow campers and staff. After completing the Odyssey High Ropes Course campers then experience the Leap of Faith off the top tier.

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Team Building Challenge

Crate Stacking

Another fun activity we offer is crate stacking. The goal is to build a tower of crates as high as you can before it topples and comes crashing down. After getting into a harness, the stacker’s task is to build their tower while their team member on the ground passes up crates. The stacker is on belay the entire time. Campers have an immense amount of fun cheering while their cabin mate tries to remain focused.