Meet the Leaders of Circle F Dude Ranch


Fischbach Family

Camp Owners

In 1952, George and Catheryn Fischbach laid the foundation for Circle F Dude Ranch Camp, crafting one of Florida’s pioneering overnight camps from the ground up. Their dedication and vision propelled it to national recognition and accreditation.

Through the decades, Circle F has remained a cherished legacy within the Fischbach family. In 2024, the mantle of daily ownership was passed to Reed and Keely, the grandchildren of George and Catheryn. With the unwavering support and mentorship of their father, Dr. Dale Fischbach, son of the founders, Reed and Keely embarked on the journey of stewarding the ranch’s future.

Together with the entire Fischbach family, Reed and Keely provide daily vision and guidance to our camp leadership team, ensuring that Circle F remains steadfast in its mission and ethos.

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Ben Moss & Katie Hennessy

Camp Director & Camp Equine Veterinarian

Ben and his wife Katie joined the Circle F Family in the summer of 2011. Ben is the Camp Director and brings over 25 years of experience in youth development and camp management to Circle F Dude Ranch. He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in interpersonal communication and public relations. Originally from the Midwest, he worked as a nationally registered Paramedic in St. Louis, MO, before moving to Florida. His experience and passion for youth development in the outdoors helped spark the creation of Circle F Dude Ranch Camp Outdoor Education Program in 2012 and has led it to become one of the best outdoor education centers in Florida.

Dr. Katie Hennessy owns Polk Equine, an equine practice in Polk County, Florida, and serves as the Ranch veterinarian.

Ben & Katie’s daughter Amelia attends Circle F’s summer camp each summer. Ben and Katie love long-distance running with multiple 5k, 10k, half, and full marathons completed in their free-time.

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Kris Canchon

Assistant Director - Family Relations

Bilingual — English & Español

Kris joined the Circle F Family in the summer of 2005. He holds a degree in business administration and marketing from Warner University. Over his time at the Ranch, Kris has worked as a cabin counselor and head of general sports, which lead him to his current role as Assistant Director. He plays an integral part in the summer camps’ day-to-day operations supporting campers, staff, and camp families. Kris loves movies, basketball, trivia and sports overall in his free time.

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Colleen Carragher

Assistant Director - Camp Operations

Colleen joined the Circle F Family in the summer of 2014. Colleen graduated from Ulster University with a degree in property investment. Over the years her focus has shifted to early childhood development. Joining the team from her home in Ireland, Colleen has worked as the Head of Arts, an outdoor educator, and Girls Line Head Counselor, before becoming an Assistant Director. She has a love for art, design, and dance in her free time.

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Alex O’Brien

Digital Media Coordinator

Alex joined the Circle F Family in 2007.Alex focuses on the Camp’s social media and documenting the summer camp experience through photos and video. Alex has worked as a cabin counselor, full-time outdoor educator, and Head of Extreme sports, before taking on his current role. Alex has a love of film, photography, and skateboarding in his free time.

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