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Central Florida’s Sailing Camp, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Canoeing, Kayaking, & More

Waterfront Activities

on Sunset Lake

At the center of all Circle F’s operations is our 43 acre freshwater Sunset Lake. There’s nothing more refreshing than cooling off in the lake during a waterfront period. Each of our divisions, Buckaroos, Wranglers, and Pioneers, have their very own designated waterfront period every day along with the option of additional waterfront time through our waterfront activities.

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We have an abundance of water-based activities for boys and girls to try — canoeing, kayaking, sailing, boating, paddle boarding, fishing, swimming, banana boating, and of course our inflatables. All off our waterfront-based activities are supervised by American Red Cross qualified lifeguards to ensure the safety of our campers while at the lake.

Waterfront Activities

Make a Splash at Our Waterfront this Summer

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Classic Summer Camp Fun

Canoeing & Kayaking

Sunset Lake is the perfect lake for our campers to venture out in their canoes and kayaks with friends while being closely monitored by our American Red Cross lifeguards. Kids learn and practice canoe-over-canoe rescues in shallow water during our skill-based classes along with learning about the basics of paddling. Campers are also encouraged to take canoes and kayaks out during their waterfront period.

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The Sailing Camp in Central Florida

Sailing & Boating

Kids begin learning to sail by familiarizing themselves with the different parts of the sailboat and learning the basics of boat safety.

Afterwards they progress through a variety of lessons covering points of sail, tacking, gybing, capsizing, and triangle sailing.

Sunset Lake is safe environment for kids to learn to sail.

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Stand Up Paddle Board Summer Camp

Paddle Boarding

Campers will learn the basics of stand up paddle boarding while having an immense amount of fun with their camp friends. Our American Red Cross certified lifeguards and instructors will teach campers how to balance correctly, control the board, steer, paddle etiquette, and water safety. Campers are also welcome to take the paddle boards out during their waterfront period.

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Learn Fishing at Summer Camp in Florida


Kids can bring their own rod or use one of the many available at camp. Campers learn how to tie basic fishing knots, casting techniques, and different types of bait — a lot more than just reeling in the fish! In most cases, the activity is catch and release, but at least once a session campers will also learn how to clean and cook the fresh fish they catch.

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Cool Off at Our Summer Swim Camp


On the first day of activity periods all kids will complete their swim checks overseen by our Head of Waterfront alongside the other American Red Cross certified lifeguards. Our 43 acre Sunset lake has 2 bay areas sectioned off as designated swim areas. Campers can hang out in the these areas and play games such as water basketball, beach ball relay, or compete in a sandcastle competition.

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Safe Fun on the Water

Banana Boating & Inflatables

Alongside our designated swim areas we have our designated inflatable area. Within this area campers will find inflatables such as the Blob, the Skyrocket, the Summit Slide, and the Wibit — all have their own unique characteristics for fun. During every session boys and girls have the opportunity to enjoy a ride on our banana boat.

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