Circle F Dude Ranch Camp is happy to announce exciting new additions to the Ranch’s teambuilding and adventure programs. The additions promise to provide new and expanded teambuilding experiences for our schools, private groups, and summer camp. Circle F Dude Ranch Camp continues to provide an unparalleled experience in teambuilding and high adventure programs in the state of Florida.

Teams Element Course

Recent renovations and additions in early September to Circle F Dude Ranch Camp’s team’s element course is ready to receive groups. The current seven elements received yearly maintenance and improvements to help them better serve groups. Meanwhile, the Ranch’s Outdoor Education team built four new team elements.  This brings the course to a total of eleven exciting elements.  Built with the goal of facilitating group problem solving and improving communication on individual standalone obstacles, the Ranch now has the ability to scale up or down the challenges based on the ability level of the team. When asked how the improvements and changes will effect groups, Circle F Program Director Shelby Wilson said; “This allows our Outdoor Education instructors to create more meaningful teambuilding experiences by giving more choices in elements to encourage growth.” School groups across Florida have already began to utilize the new elements with powerful outcomes. “The whole teambuilding experience has really been improved.  I think a lot of our schools are going to have a pleasant surprise when they see the additions.” Added Shelby.

Team Development Course

New in late November 2018, Circle F Dude Ranch Camp will be adding a five element Team Development Course. Unlike our standalone teams element course, the team development course is designed to take groups through a set series of low obstacles that increase in difficultly. The teams will be required to move a mock rescue litter through the obstacles under the careful supervision of their instructors. This course is designed to increase stresses on the group as they work together to complete the rescue. Ben Moss Camp Director stated, “I am excited to see this new style of course at the Ranch. It is perfect for students and corporate teambuilding groups. It will require teams to think on their feet and problem-solve in the moment.”

High Ropes Odyssey Course

The most exciting addition to the Ranch this year will be the new high ropes Odyssey Course. This 40-foot high and over 120-foot long ropes course will host six high ropes elements over two levels. The course will have three elements 14-feet off the ground and three elements 35-feet off the ground. Designed for both personal challenges and group teambuilding challenges, the Odyssey Course is a dynamic addition to the Ranch. Private groups and summer campers will have the opportunity to challenge themselves on the course.  They will be able to do this as individuals as they maneuver through the exciting elements. Meanwhile, private schools and teambuilding groups will have the opportunity to conquer elements as a group.   The teambuilding groups will build upon foundations that they had placed in earlier low ropes classes.  The end of the course will include a “Leap of Faith” element exit; a mix of a zip line and auto-belay descent back to the ground. It promises to be an exhilarating way to finish the high ropes course experience.


The additions of the teams course and high ropes course our campers, school groups, and private groups will have a new and unique experience this year.  We look forward to hosting everyone in 2019 at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp.

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