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Dropping off your child on opening day at Circle F Dude Ranch is undoubtedly a mix of emotions, but it’s also a crucial step in allowing them to embrace the magic of camp. Here’s a guide to navigating this transition with grace and positivity:

Connect with Camp Leaders:

Take the opportunity to meet with Ben, the camp director, as well as assistant directors Colleen and Kris. They’re there to address any questions or concerns you may have and provide reassurance about the camp experience.

Meet the Cabin Family:

Step into your child’s cabin and greet their dedicated counselors warmly. These mentors are not only responsible for daily care but also for documenting your child’s experiences and needs. Knowing they’re in capable hands can ease your mind. Additionally, take the time to share concerns or the needs of your camper.

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Bond with Bunkmates:

Encourage your child to greet their bunkmates with a friendly hello. Whether they’re new or returning campers, these interactions can be meaningful and help ease any initial nervousness.

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Talk to Other Parents:

Engage in conversations with other parents who have sent their children to camp before. Their experiences and insights can provide valuable reassurance and help you feel more positive about your decision.

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Capture the Moment:

Consider taking a photo of your child in their bunk as a keepsake. It’s a way to freeze this moment in time and cherish the beginning of their camp adventure.

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Keep Goodbyes Casual:

Aim for a casual demeanor when saying goodbye to your child. While it’s natural to feel emotional, keeping it light and heartfelt can set a positive tone for their camp experience.

Avoid Lingering:

As difficult as it may be, avoid lingering after saying goodbye. Lingering can increase feelings of homesickness for both you and your child. A quick, heartfelt farewell sets the stage for their independence and growth at camp.

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Remember, your campers independence is a necessary part of allowing your child to fully immerse themselves in the camp experience. Trust that they’re in a nurturing environment where they’ll blossom, learn, and create lasting memories. We cant wait to see you and your camper this summer.

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