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Our Florida summer camp knows how to keep kids cool during the summer. Florida outside temperatures can be warm, but Circle F Dude Ranch goes the extra mile to make sure every boy and girl at camp has a blast while they’re here. If you’re looking for a fun summer camp near you, check us out!

We all know that outside temperatures during the summer can be warm regardless of your location. However, our Florida summer camp has over 70 years of experience in keeping our campers cool, engaged, and having a great time while enjoying the summer. Here are some of our top techniques for an amazing and fun outdoor summer.

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Water Activities

The Ranch encourages a robust number of water-based activities such as swimming, water balloon fights, slip ‘n’ slides, or water games the helps campers stay cool while having fun.

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Siesta & Cantina

Scheduling outdoor activities for the cooler parts of the day, such as morning or late afternoon, helps us avoid the peak heat hours. Instead during the hottest part of the day campers enjoy a downtime called siesta inside air-conditioned, followed by Cantina time with electrolyte drinks and plenty of shade.

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Hydration Stations

Ensuring boys & girls have access to plenty of water throughout the day is essential. Hydration stations like our Water Monsters with cold water and electrolyte drinks strategically placed around the Ranch can help prevent dehydration and keep our boy and girl sleepaway campers cool.

Shaded Areas

The Ranch’s ancient live oak trees provide natural shade for our campers and staff to take breaks from the sun and cool down when needed.

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Cooling Breaks

Campers are encouraged around the Ranch to take breaks in the shade, get popsicles from the ranch team, and to utilize misting stations.

Light Clothing and Sun Protection

Campers are encouraged to wear lightweight, light-colored clothing that covers their skin. Staff make sure campers utilize sunscreen and hats that help protect them from sunburn and overheating.

Educational Sessions

Teaching campers about heat safety and the importance of staying cool and hydrated can empower them to take care of themselves during hot weather.

Creative Indoor Activities

The Ranch has contingency plans for extremely hot days with indoor activities like arts and crafts, indoor games, or movie screenings ensures that campers can still have fun while staying cool.

Nighttime Activities

Organizing nighttime activities such as campfires, evening games, dances or special programs allows campers to enjoy the outdoors in a cooler environment.

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By implementing these strategies, your Florida summer camp at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp can continue to provide a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience for campers while beating the heat.


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