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Head Counselors

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Lower Girls Head


We are delighted to welcome Kirsty back for her third year, where she will resume her role as Lower Girls Head. Kirsty’s commitment and passion for working with young people shine through in her dedicated service to our camp community. Her experience and understanding of the specific needs of children aged 6-12 make her a valuable asset to our team. Kirsty’s personal connection to childcare is noteworthy, Kirsty is an assistant to her mom who is an independent childminder this provides her with a unique insight into the intricacies of nurturing and supporting young minds. Kirsty’s return promises not only a familiar and experienced hand in leading the Lower Girls section but also a genuine understanding of the developmental stages and requirements of the campers under her care.

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Upper Girls Head


We are thrilled to announce Alison’s return for another summer as Upper Girls Head. Alison’s journey with us began as a camper, and over the years, she seamlessly transitioned into the Counselor-in-Training program. Her dedication and passion for the camp experience shone through as she later took on the role of a cabin counselor before assuming her current position as Upper Girls Head. Alison possesses a remarkable ability to connect with and understand our upper campers, aged 12-16, fostering a sense of camaraderie and trust within the camp community. Her deep-rooted understanding of the camp culture and program intricacies reflects in her commitment to providing an enriching experience for all. As a leader, Alison sets the bar high, striving to be the best role model for both her staff and campers alike. Her return promises another season of growth & positive influence within the Upper Girls division at Circle F.

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Upper Boys head


We are thrilled to announce Nik’s return to our staff this summer as Upper Boys Head Counselor. Nik’s journey with Circle F began as a camper, and over the course of 11 incredible years, he not only embraced the camp spirit but also successfully completed our Counselor-in-Training program. With three years of valuable counselor experience under his belt, Nik has proven himself to be a confident and capable leader. During his brief absence from the ranch, Nik dedicated his time to furthering his professional development in the business world. Now, with enriched skills and experiences, we eagerly welcome him back to Circle F. Nik’s passion for our camp community and his commitment to personal growth make him an invaluable asset to our team. Get ready for an amazing summer with Nik as we continue to create lasting memories and adventures together!

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Lower Boys head


We are delighted to welcome Kieran back for another summer at Circle F, as he steps into a new leadership role as the Head of Lower Boys. Originally joining our team from the UK through the Camp America program last year, Kieran made an immediate impact with his remarkable care and attention to his campers. Throughout the previous summer, Kieran showcased his dedication by working across all divisions, from Buckaroo to Pioneers. His versatility and commitment did not go unnoticed, and he earned the prestigious Silver Horseshoe award—an honor reserved for individuals who exemplify and actively promote the values encapsulated in Circle F’s pillars and mission. As he steps into his new leadership role, we are confident that Kieran will continue to inspire and lead by example, contributing to the growth and well-being of the Lower Boys camp and the Circle F community as a whole.

Program Team

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Program manager


Austin serves as our dedicated Summer Program Manager at the Ranch, contributing a wealth of experience gathered over numerous years at Circle F. His journey from Camper to Counselor, year-round Outdoor Educator, and former Head of Waterfront underscores his comprehensive understanding of our camp program. In his current role Austin manages our program team, meticulously oversees all activity areas, coordinates evening programs, special events and rain plans. His unwavering dedication is directed towards ensuring that our campers experience an unparalleled, high-energy, fun-filled, and safe summer

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Program Coordinator


Ellis is set to resume his position as Program Coordinator, marking his second consecutive year in this pivotal role. Beyond his tenure as Program Coordinator, Ellis boasts experience as a cabin counselor, enriching his perspective on our camp’s dynamics. In his current capacity, Ellis actively supports our outstanding department heads, ensuring the seamless execution of lesson plans, the maintenance of equipment, and the overall enhancement of activity quality. His passion lies in imparting valuable life lessons to our campers, achieved through fostering the acquisition of new skills and further development in their chosen activity areas.

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Program Coordinator


This summer Steven takes on a new role, building on his diverse experience as a cabin counselor, department head of climbing, and general sports, as well as his tenure as a full-time Senior Outdoor Educator. Steven is set to work with Ellis in supporting our department head team. Additionally, he will have the responsibility of managing camper schedules and attendance. Steven brings a unique and invaluable aspect to our camp by being the first to embrace a playful and silly demeanor in front of our campers. This adds a delightful and memorable dimension to our campers’ experience, making Steven an integral part of creating a positive and enjoyable environment.

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Evening Program Specialist


While Nafeesa is new to our summer team, her familiarity with our organization extends beyond the summer months, having served as an outdoor educator year-round. Her experience isn’t limited to our camp, as she has also contributed her skills to other facilities within the summer camp industry. This summer, Nafeesa will take on a dual role, where her focus will be on steering our evening programs. Additionally, she will supervise our Leadership in Training Program Nafeesa’s background and commitment to year-round engagement make her a valuable asset, ensuring a seamless integration into our summer team and the effective management of these key programs.

Department Heads

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Horseback Riding


Hello, my name is Isobel and I am going to be Head of Riding this summer. I’m from England and have been horse riding for most of my life. This will be my second year at Circle F and I am so excited to return! Within the Riding department campers can look forward to both Western and English disciplines, Trail Rides, Rodeo Events.#

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Extreme Sports


John will be working this summer as the Department Head of Extreme Sports. John has worked full time at the Ranch for 3 years as a Senior Outdoor Educator and is versatile in all program areas at the Ranch. Some of the activities within his department include, Ax throwing Wilderness Cooking, Skate Park, Wilderness Survival, Paintball, Chuckwagon cooking and Slingshot

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Lucas will be stepping into a leadership role at the Ranch this summer having worked as an Outdoor Educator this year we can’t wait to see how he leads the waterfront department. Lucas is a former camper and cabin counselor at Circle F. Down at the waterfront you can expect to see the blob, skyrocket, and mount hood inflatables along with Kayaks, Canoes, Sail Boats and Paddle boards#

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Hi! My name’s Kaela and this will be my second summer working at Circle F. Growing up, I was part of the Scouts which has attributed to my love of camp as well as my love for the outdoors. Through this I was given the opportunity to join a rock-climbing club where I got to travel the UK and scale real rock faces. This is where my love for climbing was born. Our Climbing department consists of the Odyssey High Ropes Course, Alpine tower with swing, Rockwall with Ziplines and Crate Stacking.

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General Sports


Joanna will be joining our team this summer from Poland, Joanna is a personal trainer, aquatics instructors and basketball player in her home country. Within our general sports department, campers can expect to participate in Basketball, Kickball, Soccer, Disc Golf, Flag football, Archery, Volleyball.

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Arts & Crafts


Hello my name is Eimear and I am going to be Head of Art this summer. I am from Ireland and will be graduating this year in BA Drama. This will be my second year at camp and I cannot wait to be back and see everyone! I’m so excited to be Head of Art, especially looking forward to meeting my staff, exploring different mediums and creating a safe space where campers can express themselves.

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