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This summer, Circle F Dude Ranch Camp is gearing up for an exhilarating event that sets us apart from other summer camps in Florida - the Camp Session Rodeo! As the summer camp sessions draw to a close, campers of all ages get to showcase their equestrian skills in front of proud parents and fellow campers. This longstanding tradition not only highlights our rich equestrian program but also celebrates the hard work, dedication, and camaraderie fostered at our camp.

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The Riding Department: Where the Magic Happens

At Circle F Dude Ranch Camp, our riding department is a vibrant hub of equestrian excellence. With a team of expert staff, all trained under the Certified Horsemanship Association, we ensure that campers receive top-notch instruction and guidance. Our historic barn houses over 50 friendly and well-trained horses of various breeds, ready to befriend and partner with our campers on their riding journey.

The riding activities are divided into two disciplines - English and Western-style horseback riding. On the first day of activities, campers undergo a riding test to determine their skill level, allowing us to group them accordingly. From basic riding techniques to mastering new skills during ring work, our campers thrive under the guidance of experienced instructors. Moreover, the barn offers enchanting trail rides through our vast and scenic wilderness, providing campers with unforgettable experiences in nature.

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Drill and Flag Team: Showcasing Equestrian Excellence

The Rodeo kicks off with a breathtaking flag team routine performed by a select group of advanced and intermediate English and Western riders. Trotting to lively music, they proudly carry the American Flag and Circle F flag, setting the stage for a patriotic and thrilling event. The National Anthem, beautifully sung by a camper who has passed the audition, adds an emotional touch to the proceedings.

But the highlight of the Rodeo is undoubtedly the Drill team’s performance. Handpicked from our accomplished English and Western riders, these campers dazzle the audience with their meticulously planned and practiced routines. Executing intricate patterns at various speeds, they create a mesmerizing spectacle that showcases the true spirit of Circle F Dude Ranch Camp. To be selected for either of these teams is a tremendous honor, as it signifies not just riding prowess but also embodies our core values of Respect, Inspire, Positive thinking, Play, Leadership, and Engage.

Thrills and Fun for Everyone

The Rodeo isn’t just for our flag and drill teams; it’s a joyous celebration for every camper. Participants of all ages and skill levels get a chance to shine at the private camper rodeo held before the closing day. Then, on the big day, the public rodeo takes center stage, and spectators can enjoy the show from a shaded and comfortable area with refreshments.

A plethora of events cater to every camper’s interest and ability. From the egg and spoon race that tests riding speed and balancing skills to the cake race, where young riders race to enjoy a cupcake before returning to the start, there’s something for everyone. Western riders compete in gymkhana races like figure eight, key hold, pole bending, terrible T, and clover leaf barrel. English riders, on the other hand, showcase their skills in obstacle and jumping courses that are tailored to their proficiency level. With ribbons awarded to the first, second, and third-place winners after each event, the Rodeo is a celebration of achievement and progress.

A Summer Camp Like No Other

At Circle F Dude Ranch Camp, we pride ourselves on providing a summer experience that goes beyond the ordinary. The Rodeo not only celebrates our love for horses and riding but also encapsulates the spirit of community, joy, and growth that thrives at our camp. If you’re looking for a summer camp where your child can explore a wide array of activities, learn valuable skills, and create lasting memories, Circle F Dude Ranch Camp is the perfect choice. Come join us as we saddle up for adventure and make this summer one to remember!

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