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Imagine two young female summer campers, giggling with excitement as they prepare their s’mores beside a crackling campfire in the beautiful surroundings of the Circle F Dude Ranch Camp’s. In that precious moment, a camp photographer captures the joy on their faces with a quick click of the camera, preserving their special camp memory forever.

At Circle F Dude Ranch Camp, our digital media department is dedicated to capturing the essence of the summer camp experience through photographs and videos. We believe in sharing these precious moments with our camp families and the larger community. In today’s fast-paced world, where technology plays an integral role, we have embraced it to enhance the camp experience while ensuring that campers remain disconnected from their electronic devices.

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Staying Connected with Campanion:

Thanks to our innovative camp app called Campanion, parents and guardians can effortlessly stay up-to-date with their campers’ day-to-day activities and cherish their special summer camp moments. We understand that maintaining a connection with your child during their time at camp is essential for the camp family experience. To facilitate this connection, we have designated camp photographers who capture hundreds of photos each day, ensuring that daily updates of your camper’s adventures are available.

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Finding Your Camper’s Photos:

With the vast number of photos taken each day, it can be a challenge to locate your camper among them. To simplify this process, we recommend uploading a headshot of your child to Campanion. The app’s advanced facial recognition feature will then sort through all the photos, presenting you with a personalized collection of your camper’s pictures. Moreover, the app allows you to easily share, download, and mark your favorite photos, empowering you to proudly showcase your child’s camp moments with friends and family.

Digital Camp Letters:

In addition to photo updates, Campanion offers an innovative feature called the digital camp letter. This feature allows you to send an email-formatted message to your camper, which is then received as a printed letter for them to read and respond to if they wish. This convenient and thoughtful communication option bridges the gap between campers and their families, providing an avenue for sharing heartfelt messages and staying connected.

Engaging Parents and Guardians:

At Circle F Dude Ranch Camp, we strive to engage parents and guardians throughout their child’s camp journey. We understand the importance of transparency and communication, and our digital tools serve as a means to achieve these goals. We value your feedback and are eager to answer any questions you may have about the Campanion application. Our aim is to ensure that your child’s summer camp experience at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp is truly exceptional.


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