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Every year Circle F recruits staff from around the world, and this year is no different. We are thrilled to welcome a full-time summer team of over 80 staff, including approximately 30 international J1 Visa staff members. These international staff play a key role in our camp community, working in various areas such as cabin counselors, kitchen support, and leadership roles.

Circle F is committed to finding staff who match our mission and values, and who have a passion for working with young people. Our mission of creating an environment that enables our campers to be their most authentic self through the values of Respect, Inspiration, Play, Positive Thinking, Leadership and Engagement is key in our recruitment process. During the interview stage, we listen to our applicants and what values are important to them, ensuring we find the ideal staff members regardless of their camp position. Every year we partner with US J1 Visa Sponsors to bring the best candidates to our camp.

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The J1 Visa is an invaluable program for international students, scholars, and professionals to come to the United States and gain experience and education. Through the J1 Visa, individuals can learn about American culture and language, gain job experience, which can lead to better opportunities in their home countries. Not only does the J1 Visa provide cultural, educational, and professional opportunities, but it also helps to foster international understanding and cooperation. Circle F Dude Ranch has partnered with J1 Visa Sponsors CCUSA and Camp America, to make our staff recruitment process smooth and successful.

This year, we will be welcoming staff from countries such as Ireland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hungary, France, Poland, and Turkey. Having staff from so many different countries brings a diverse cultural experience to our camp community, which both our domestic staff and our campers learn and grow from. International staff can introduce new languages to campers, and help international campers with translation between friends or their cabin counselors. Learning about different cultures becomes a natural and immersive part of the camp experience.

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