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It’s a new era for the Circle F Dude Ranch Camp Lasso Lodge! After 70 years of memories and amazing experiences, the Lasso Lodge Dining Hall is being renovated.

Campers and staff can look forward to many new improvements both on the guest side and behind the scenes. To start a better physical layout will allow for faster meal service and more space for campers and staff to enjoy meals. The renovation will also allow for more flexible menu options with three food service lines - two hot entree lines and one cold bar at every meal. The addition of a digital display will share the menu, weather, and up-to-date camp program information to keep the camp community easily informed at each meal. Plus improved zoned areas in the new layout will allow for a more efficient air flow providing better cooled dining space.

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Storage of food items will also be improved with the renovation. This will include a new walk-in cooler, and improved dry goods and kitchen equipment storage. With the new storge options, our kitchen will be able to keep more fresh products on hand and improve upon our already great farm fresh menu. Allowing campers to enjoy a wide variety of fresh ingredients in their summer camp menu.

The campers and staff of the Circle F Dude Ranch Camp are going to be in for a real treat this summer! With the new renovations, they are sure to have a more comfortable and enjoyable dining experience.

Come and experience the new and improved Lasso Lodge Dining Hall! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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