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Come Ride Your Skateboard at Circle F

Embrace the warmth and excitement of Florida summers at Circle F Dude Ranch, where every moment is a promise of endless fun under the golden sun. Our sleepaway summer camp invites boys and girls to indulge in a myriad of activities, with one of our special focuses being on the heart-pounding adventure of our exhilarating skate park. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect blend of thrill and authenticity, Circle F is your ultimate destination.

Skateboarding Bliss Amid Nature’s Canvas

Discover the joy of skateboarding at our on-site skate park, nestled within the breathtaking 500-acre landscape of Circle F Dude Ranch. Here, kids not only learn the art of skateboarding from our qualified staff but also enjoy cool breezes and picturesque surroundings. Our diverse team of counselors and administrators, hailing from around the world, fosters a global community that thrives on real connections.

Extreme Adventures in Every Stride

For the adrenaline enthusiasts, our extreme sports department is a haven of excitement. With activities like paintball, ax throwing, wilderness survival, slingshot, and more, the thrill-seeking campers find their paradise. Within this realm of adventure lies our skate park, complete with a halfpipe, rails, and ledges, inspiring kids of all skill levels to push their boundaries and showcase their rad moves.

Fostering Confidence and Resilience

Beyond mastering the basics of skateboarding, our goal is to instill confidence and resilience in every camper. From standing, turning, and stopping to cultivating the determination that skateboarding embodies, we guide campers to embrace new challenges and achieve meaningful milestones.

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Two Circle F Dude Ranch Summer Camp skateboarders try their skills on the Ramp.
Inclusivity at the Heart of Circle F

What sets Circle F apart is its commitment to inclusivity. Offering a diverse range of activities, our camp allows kids to discover new passions and refine existing skills. The days seamlessly transition from high-energy adventures to tranquil siesta moments, creating an environment where friendships deepen, and memories take root.

More Than Just a Skate Park

The skate park is just one gem within Circle F Dude Ranch’s expansive 500 acres, where laughter, excitement, and knowledge converge. Beyond teaching skateboarding, we impart life lessons—showing kids how to have fun, embrace mistakes, and find acceptance in every experience. Here, embarrassment is a natural part of growth, not something to be ridiculed.

Sunset Reflections on a Day Well-Spent

As the sun sets over our 43-acre Sunset Lake, campers at our sleepaway camp can reflect on a day filled with skating lessons and a myriad of other activities. Whether refining kickflips, ollies, shuvits, and board slides or participating in other adventures, we hope each day ends with new bonds forged and a celebration of individuality.

Circle F Dude Ranch: An Odyssey Awaits

This is more than just a camp; it’s an odyssey waiting to unfold. If you’re seeking a summer haven that beckons you to explore, discover, and revel in the beauty of diversity, Circle F Dude Ranch is the place to be. Join us for an unforgettable experience tailored for the bold and the curious—where every day is a new adventure in the heart of Florida’s summer paradise.

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