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Summer campers excited for their theme park ride!
Summer Camp & Theme Parks “The Why”

Two summer campers laugh, grab the rollercoaster’s front seat, and pull down the restraint. While they have both been to the theme parks multiple times and on the ride hundreds of times, this time is different. Today, they are experiencing the ride and park with their overnight summer camp cabin friends. Friendships made at summer camp are special. The time spent in the cabin, at summer camp activities, meals, and during free play helps bring campers together.

For our campers, it is not the trip to the theme park or the rollercoaster that’s important; it’s the opportunity to experience something with their camp friends. Together, everything is a new adventure for them. Even when, as in the case of the rollercoaster, they have already tried it on their own.

Not only is it an adventure, but an opportunity for individual growth. Campers often help each other expand outside their comfort zones. Development of this nature is especially true on camp theme parks and all camp trips. For example, the mutual support from a group of boy and girl campers can often gently encourage a camper to try a ride they might not have on their own or even with their parents. Campers discover a new level of self-esteem and courage as they are cheered on by their friends and peers.

Campers and staff both talk about how camp trips are important bonding moments of camp. All camp trips provide a unique opportunity for the entire camp family to travel off camp together. Free of the daily camp schedule, cabin groups can spend the whole day together having fun and focusing on their cabin. Spending time like this together allows staff and campers to create stronger bonds as they try rides and slides or hang out together in the parks.

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Summer Campers and staff enjoying a theme park ride
Time To Return

The combination of all these essential factors is why Circle F Dude Ranch has been evaluating the viability of the return to theme park trips. We are excited to officially announce the return to the trips in the 2023 summer season. Camp has already begun scheduling all-Camp trips and excursions in sessions one, two, and three for this summer.

If you are new to the camp trip experience, Circle F Dude Ranch hosts two types of camp trips. The first is an all-camp trip, and the second is a camp excursion. All-camp trips are included in the camper tuition of sessions one, two, and three. Excursions are optional add-on trips for an additional fee that also run during sessions one, two, and three. Camp does not run camp trips during session four due to the short one-week nature of the session.

Camp trips always include the following:

  • Transportation – Motor Coach Bus
  • Admission – Ticket to the Theme Park or Waterpark
  • Meals – a Meal & Drink voucher
  • Supervision – 1 Chaperone to 5 Campers supervision during parks

All camp trips traditionally travel to local waterparks like Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, or Seaworld’s Aquatica. Camp is currently working on scheduling the parks for this upcoming season and will release the dates and parks soon.

Camp excursions are optional trips. The cost in the 2023 season will be $235.00 per camper. This season the following trips have been Scheduled:

  • First Session – Busch Gardens
  • Second Session – Universal Studios, Universal Studios Resort
  • Third Session – Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort

Campers who choose not to attend the optional camp excursion can look forward to a special day of summer camp activities at camp planned just for them.

Still have questions about camp trips. Give camp a call.

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