We are excited to announce our 2023 Head Counselors, returning to their roles both Ryan and Adam will be back leading our North Line as our Boys Head Counselors, meanwhile on our South line we will have Kirsty and Brooke stepping into new leadership roles as our Girls Head Counselors. The Head Counselors operate as the senior staff members that live on the cabin lines, they oversee the campers and staff within their division. Our Head Counselors work hard to get to know every camper, they are responsible for reviewing and checking daily cabin reports alongside being a supporting system to all our cabin counselors living and working alongside our campers.

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Kirsty will be the Upper Girls Head Counselor; this is Kirsty’s second year on staff joining us from the UK. Kirsty’s work after camp as an outdoor educator displayed her ability to step up and work hard to support the team, her dedication to her campers and her co counselors in 2022 exceeded our expectations, having the hands-on experience of being a cabin counselor but also being an international staff member gives her a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with her counselors this coming summer.

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Brooke will be the Lower Girls Head Counselor; this will be Brooke’s third year on staff with us. Brooke was also a camper at the ranch for many years along with completing the Counselor in Training Program. We are confident that Brooke’s camp experience will enable her to support both the administration team and her cabin counselors in a kind and empathetic way. We are excited to see Brooke step into a leadership role this summer.

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Ryan will be the Upper Boys Head Counselor; this will be Ryan’s second year in this role; however, Ryan is a longstanding staff member with multiple years of experience at the ranch in a multitude of roles from Full time outdoor educator, cabin counselor, assistant head counselor and program coordinator. Ryan is excited to return to camp this summer to continue to support our boys line cabin counselors. Ryan’s love and knowledge of camp makes him an excellent resource for our entire camp community from staff to campers.

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Adam will be the Lower Boys Head Counselor; this will also be his second year in this role. Having transitioned into a leadership role last summer Adam was a consistent and reliable member of our head counselor team. Adam has many years of experience at the Ranch both as a camper, counselor, and head counselor. It was evident in his work last summer how much he cares about our camp family, and we know that Adam will continue to work hard this summer to support his cabin counselors and the campers on his line.

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