Welcome to Virtual Summer Camp. Over the last two weeks we have been posting virtual Circle F Summer Camp programs at our Facebook site.   Now you can find all the replays right here on our blog.   Each day we will post a replay from one of our original virtual camp programs.   These fun programs are a great way to have some family time together.   Look each day for a new one to be posted right here.   These programs can be found live often every Monday through Friday at the Circle F Facebook page or Instagram Page.   Feel free to join us live for a fun interactive time. Virtual summer camp is a great way to experience crafts, skills, meals and games that you can do from your own home. Here is our original starting virtual camp post about dream catchers - Enjoy.https://www.facebook.com/circlef/videos/204805407442567/https://www.facebook.com/circlef/videos/204805407442567/

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