Every year hundreds of campers join together for the one-of-a-kind Circle F Dude Ranch Camp summer program. The mixture of arts, swimming, horseback riding, sports, climbing, and many other activities supported by a robust mission of Respect, Inspiration, Play, Positive Thinking, Leadership, and Engagement makes Circle F one of the top camps in Florida. To us, the most essential ingredient in our camp recipe is our camp families. Camp families are the foundation of any camp, and we have some of the best in the industry. The partnership created between a camp and a camper family is significant to the success of not just the camper but the whole camp program. Our camp grows each year not only because of what we do here at camp but because so many of our camp families tell others about the fantastic experience they have had at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp. The best way to bring new campers to Circle F is to share your experience with others. Camp is such a critical time in many of the camper’s lives. The decision to choose a camp can be a difficult and frightening one for most parents. Nothing is more powerful in helping to bring a child to camp than having a peer or friend recommend a camp location. It places other parents at ease knowing that other children of a person close to them have already had a positive experience. There are a lot of simple ways that you can help in this process. Simply by sharing pictures of your child at camp on social media will begin to help others think about camp as a possibility. Talking about a camp at parent meetings and events is always an easy way to encourage others. If you want to take a big leap, call Circle F and set up a house party. Invite your friends, and Circle F will show up with the refreshments, party favors and a couple of camp directors to talk up camp on your behalf. Circle F has always known the value of this type of communication. As a thank you when our camp families share about Circle F we have set up a referral program that helps camp families save money on camp. Each referral equals not just saving for you, but also the family you refer. As a camp family, you can help others save $100.00 off of their first-time registration when they name you as the referral source. As the referring family, you also save, check out the referral chart by clicking HERE to find out how much you will save based on the number of referrals. There is even more significant saving for families who set-up house parties. If you want to find out more about the “Circle of Friends” referral program, you can do so by clicking HERE or by calling the office at 863-676-4113.

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