2018 Summer Camp Head Counselors

Preparations for Circle F 2018 Summer Camp began the last day of summer 2017.   A big portion of preparations goes into hiring highly qualified counselors.  Individuals that our campers will look up to for guidance and support. At Circle F we value the importance of the role counselors play in camper’s lives. Each year four leaders help to support and keep safe campers and staff.   They also play an important role in keeping camp fun and exciting for everyone. These individuals are our the head counselors. At Circle F our campers are divide by age and gender signifying upper and lower boys and girls cabins. Each head counselor, two for our boys line and two for the girl’s line, are responsible for their section of campers, either upper or lower. This 2018 team of head counselors bring a collective 27 summers of Circle F experience. These are the individuals we chose to carry out RIPPLE (Respect, Inspiration, Positive Thinking, Play, Leadership, and Engage) our camp mission. Let’s meet your upper and lower boys and girls head counselors.

Lower Line Head Counselors

Colleen Carragher Lower Girls Head Counselor Education: Graduate of Ulster University Ireland Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Hobby: Arts and Crafts

Colleen is returning for her 5th consecutive summer.   Three years as Head of Art and this year  her second term as Head Counselor. She currently resides in Ireland where she works at a preschool and nursery.   Where her focus is taking care of children ages four months to four years old. We asked Colleen what camp pillar describes her best, and she chose Positive Thinking. “I prefer to look at the challenges life throws at us as opportunities.   These opportunities help us learn and improve our understanding of the world,” said Colleen. “We can’t always be in control of what’s happening around us, but we can be in control of how we let it impact us.”   Colleen is most excited to greet new Summer 2018 staff and campers into the Circle F Family.

Austin Bradshaw Lower Boys Head Counselor Summers at Camp: 15 Favorite Food: Lobster and Escargot Favorite Hobby: Reading a good Book

Austin is a 12-year camper, 2-year counselor, and this is his second year as a Head Counselor. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in education.  Austin also works with the camp as an outdoor educator.   In this role, he helps students across Florida grow and learn by leading programs in climbing, teambuilding, and ecology. “My biggest achievement has been making an impact in the lives of children at camp through R.I.P.P.L.E, the camp mission,”  stated Austin. Austin describes his leadership as similar to Warren Buffet. “As long as you are following the rules, if the end result is what I asked you to get, the path there is irrelevant.” –Warren Buffet Austin‘s engaging personality and years of experience as a camper and counselor on the boy’s line make him a perfect fit for the lower line.  Austin’s ability to relate to the campers at their level is a core reason why Circle F campers and staff love him.

Upper Line Head Counselors

Gabby Capalbo Upper Girls Head Counselor Summers at Camp: 11 Education: Currently enrolled at FIU pursuing a double major in Psychology and Journalism Favorite Food: French Fries Biggest Achievement: Head Counselor

Gabby has spent 5 summers at Circle F as a camper and  4 as a general staff member working in every activity department.  In addition, last year she became a department head of general sports and head of our CIT program.  After years of hard work Gabby is looking forward to becoming the 2018 upper girls head counselor.   Consequently,  a goal she has been working toward her whole camp career. “I’m excited to help guide our counselors and help them create the same life-long memories that I had in the past,“ said Gabby. “I’ve wanted to be a head counselor since I was a Pi2 girl.  I am ready to inspire and guide our campers and counselors this summer toward a safe and fun program.” Gabby compares her leadership style to the American actress and director Sophia Bush. “She taught me that quality leadership is driven by passion,” stated Gabby. “We both share a passion for inspiring the next generation.”   Circle F is looking forward to Gabby’s passionate work ethic and her motivation to inspire as head counselor this summer.

Isaac Quiros Upper Boys Head Counselor Nickname: IQ Favorite Color: Green Leadership Style: Dwight D. Eisenhower Biggest Achievement: Running 13.11 miles without stopping in 1:52.48 Favorite Food: Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Meatballs

After working 1 year on climbing staff IQ has quickly rose up the Circle F ranks.   This will be his 2nd year as the Upper Boys head counselor. IQ brings a wealth of experience as a volunteer at Lowry Park Zoo Schools and a pre-school intern at New College child center and early childhood programs at Gaither High School.  Further more, outside of summer camp, IQ attends the University of North Florida in Jacksonville where he is pursuing his Bachelors of Arts degree with a double major in Mathematics and Secondary Education.  He also is a private geometry tutor and Resident Assistant at UNF’s Department of Residence Life. “I have a passion for working with kids and I am excited to see the growth of the returning counselors and campers,” said IQ.   We asked IQ which camp pillar best describes him, he chose engage. “I always try to take advantage of opportunities, participate in activities that involve everyone,”  said IQ. “Camp has a diverse population and I love the experiences I get out of engaging staff and campers through activity or conversation.” In conclusion, Circle F is very happy to welcome this 2018 team of head counselors. We believe that these individuals will focus on the health and the safety of our campers, guide our staff, and carry out our mission to ensure a phenomenal Summer 2018.    

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