If your wheels are turning for beneficial ways to have your child spend their next summer, take into consideration the many benefits of sending your child to summer camp. Improved Self Esteem and Character Studies have shown that children who attend summer camp have a greater resilience to the stresses of life, based on an article in “Psychology Today”. The freedom to choose courses for subjects in which they are interested give campers the ability to hone skills, but also the opportunity to take risks and explore new subjects. Your child may be interested in horses and may even dapple in riding throughout the year, but at a typical summer camp, he or she can also explore canoeing or arts and crafts. Succeeding in subjects of which they have always been interested and succeeding at new hobbies that interest him or her give children a sense of accomplishment and often spark year-round pursuits. Children away at camp are out from under the watchful eye of parents and teachers which gives them the freedom to explore and the responsibility to make important decisions, building character and problem-solving skills. Physical and Mental Growt h The fresh air and physical activity that campers experience at summer camp go a long way towards a child’s well-being. Pair these amenities with the overall structure and activities at a typical camp and children are stimulated physically, emotionally and psychologically. Well-rounded menus offer children healthy options to fuel their adventures. Children flourish with the balance of activity, healthy food, outdoor time, and companionship summer camp affords. Adventures and Memories to Last a Lifetime Naturally, summer camps are designed to keep children busy, learning and entertained. From group skits to dances or campfires and movie night, children generally end a learning-filled day with a social experience for fun and making new friends. This combination of structure and free-time is an ideal scenario for a child’s growth. Adventures abound at summer camp and children get to experience a myriad of experiences in a condensed time frame, a formula for building a lifetime of memories. Socialization and Friendships When a child attends summer camp they are entering the scenario free of stigma and prejudice and have a clean slate on which to draw. Psycho-social development is key to a child’s emotional well-being and the unique balance at summer camp of children to exercise their freedom of choice whether it in the food they eat, the roommates they choose, or the courses for which they sign up offers children the ability to gravitate towards others who share their interests. Conversely, children benefit from the surprises of summer camp that includes combining new friends in bunk houses, classes, and gathered around for evening activities. These dynamics expose children to new acquaintances, cultures, and adventurers. Summer camps come in a variety of platforms and can range from specialized interests to a framework that exposes children to all types of experiences. The combination of friendship, learning, freedom and structure is a recipe for success and will leave a lasting impression on your child for years to come. Of course, equally important is your choice of camp!  With over 65 years of experience in welcoming children and families, Circe F Dude Ranch offers children a safe, positive environment with an array of fun activities. From horsemanship and archery to arts and crafts and theater – Circle F has it all!

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