5 Reasons why you should Stay Connected with Circle F Dude Ranch Camp After Summer Camp

There is no doubt we are all impatiently waiting 10 months out the year just to get back to the short 2 months at the place we call home during the summer. Fortunately, you can stay connected with Circle F (your favorite summer camp) through social media and there’s good reasoning why you should.

Weekly Camp Updates

The best part of staying connected with your camp is you are in the loop. Discover how Circle F is more than just a summer camp, but home to hundreds of events and programs year round.  These programs span the range of private group weekends, outdoor education schools, family weekends, girl scouts and even spring break camps. By being part of our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter) you will always be up to date on the ongoing happenings of your camp.

Fun With Social Media

Every day there is something to look forward to at camp and our social media is not different. From fun and interactive games to inspirational and captivating posts you can become part of camp 365 days a year. It’s not just about checking out social media, but actually being part of the larger conversation. Every day is a new opportunity to reconnect with your Circle F Family and Friends. During the summer we have four sessions and being connected allows you to feel like you never left camp. In a way, it’s like being part of another session or as we like to say “5th Session.”

What to Expect for Summer Camp 2018

** ** It is hard to believe it is already September. As Ben always says at camp, “The work of summer 2018 begins the day summer camp 2017 ends.” This year is no different. Already conversations have begun about the 2018 summer staff, program, and new additions to camp. We are not giving away any secrets yet, but stay tuned for announcements about returning staff, a behind the scene look at program design and selection, and other surprises this year. As always, you can be part of the conversation and will help us make summer 2018 the best summer ever.

** **** Learn more about Circle F**

** ** Did you know we started in 1952? Did you know that we use to have teepees and covered wagons? Circle F Dude Ranch has a rich history. As part of our camp family we want to share it all with you. Discover more about your camp this year through new interactive posts and stories shared through our social media program. Want to learn more or have a question send it to .

** **** The #1 Reason why we are the best camp in the Universe**

** ** You are Circle F!  We are not the best camp in Florida or the world, but the best camp in the universe because of all of you. Our campers, their families, and our staff make up the most amazing multi-cultural group of individuals from around the world anywhere.  At least that’s our opinion. Our ability to enact change is unmatched.   Circle F and our community grow every year positively by living out our pillars (R.I.P.P.L.E.) of respect, inspiration, play, positive thinking, leadership, and engagement.  We know as part of the Circle F Family and Community that we not only uphold these ideas at camp, but also live them out in our everyday life. In doing so, we grow as individuals and we positively affect others we come in contact with. We need you. We need to hear your stories, feel your connection, and see your participation to help push all of us in our mission. Together we encourage each other, challenge each other, and support each other. Together we are Circle F strong.    We care about you and we know you care about us. Like us on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TwitterJoin us this year for a 5th Summer Camp Session like no other before it. ** **

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