Last week was a super exciting and busy week here at camp. With just two weeks to the start of staff training and a little over three weeks to the start of summer camp, everything is abuzz with activity in the office.  This week saw the arrival of extreme sports Department head Jeremy Freeman and other leadership team staff will be arriving in the next few days.   The program department is hard at work putting together final details and testing program ideas. Our days are long, but every bit of it is worth it for our camper community. It is hard to believe but even during our busy time Program Coordinator Afton Weiner and I found time to shoot our first Blog (They tell me that’s a video blog).   You can watch it by clicking HEREIt was a lot of fun to film here at the office and gives a lot of details about our new programs for the summer. Watch out for more blog posts coming in the future. One exciting announcement in the blog was the arrival of the Glacier inflatable slide. There are only 3 glaciers in the US and only one in the state of Florida, which is right here at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp.  This slide is a giant and sure to be a challenge to any camper or staff climbing it.   The slide is over 17 feet tall and when standing on top you find yourself looking down on the summit slide and the blob launch tower.  The slide provides a steeper drop and a really fast experience.   More photos and information about the glacier are coming soon to our Facebook and YouTube channel keep an eye out for it. Summer camp is almost here and I encourage all parents to make their final reservations for the summer before time runs out. Well, I know it’s a short blog this week but there is a lot of work to do here to get things ready for the summer. Check in next week when we return to our normal schedule of topics and talk about communication with camp. Ben Moss is the Camp Director at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp. He has over 20 years of youth development experience working in youth programing and summer camps.

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