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The health and safety of our campers, guests, camp families, and staff are of the utmost priority to Circle F Dude Ranch.

Camp Operation During The Pandemic

Circle F Dude Ranch Camp is one of the few Florida summer camps that ran camp in the summers of 2020 and 2021. Over those two summers, many new protocols were developed to facilitate a successful and effective Covid-19 Plan.

We are confident in our continued operations of summer camp, guest groups, and school programs in the coming season.

One thing that is clear and definite when preparing for Covid-19 is that very few things are set in stone. As the pandemic progresses so must our response. However, our families and guests should be reassured that will continue to work with the American Camp Association (ACA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as we have done in the past to prepare an effective response for this summer.

Covid-19 Response Updates

Registered guests and camp families will receive regular updates to any adjustments in our Covid-19 response during the season. Additionally, there are some key protocols outlined below that will remain in effect regardless of updates are changes. We encourage you to review the below protocols and if you have any questions to reach out to the Camp Director Ben Moss at .

Consulting the Authorities

Circle F Dude Ranch is focused on applying the best science provided by leading professionals. This means working with the Center for Disease Control, the American Camp Association, Florida Department of Health, and Polk County health officials, as well as our own medical team.

Clear Communication

Circle F Dude Ranch works with our guests, camp families, and staff to ensure open lines of communication as it relates to Covid-19. This includes communicating via email, text, and phone about possible exposures, quarantining, and other related issues to Covid-19.

Careful Planning

The Ranch is focused on creating a plan that not only meets our safety needs but also allows the Ranch to operate in a way that allows our guests and families to have as normal an experience as possible. This also means a consistent review of our plans to keep them up to date and effective.

Intensive Cleaning & Sanitation

Since 2020 the Ranch has increased its level of sanitation in response to Covid-19. This includes additional cleaning of highly trafficked areas, electrostatic spraying of indoor spaces, and additional hand-washing and sanitation stations throughout camp. This additional cleaning is now considered normal and will continue regardless of the pandemic status.


Circle F Dude Ranch highly encourages our guests, campers, and staff to be vaccinated before attending a program or working at camp. Regulations in the State of Florida prevent Circle F Dude Ranch Camp from mandating vaccination in our programs or requiring proof of vaccination to participate in our programming.


Due to the outdoor nature of our program and the functions of cabin life (eating, sleeping, and showering in the same location) Circle F Dude Ranch does not require masks for campers. Staff may chooose to wear masks where appropriate and when possible.

Closed and Limited Access Community

In the summers of 2020, 2021, and 2022 Circle F Dude Ranch Camp functioned as a closed campus. This meant that we greatly reduced the number of individuals that could enter our physical grounds. This included drop-off and pick-up at our gates and not visitation days. Currently, this policy is being re-evaluated, however it is likely some level of limited campus access will be in place going forward.

Summer Camp Pre-Arrival Testing

At this time Circle F Dude Ranch Camp does not plan on having pre-arrival testing as part of the summer 2023 program. However this is subject to change based on the current Covid-19 conditions as we approach camp.